Jake Long Scouting Report - With Pictures!

Sam Webb ventured out to Lapeer East High school on Friday to in Jake Long and the Lapeer East Eagles vs. the Livonia Falcons. Here is his detailed scouting report.

I ventured out to Lapeer East High school last Friday to in Jake Long and his Eagles vs. the Livonia Falcons.

While I had seen Jake before, I'd only seen him in drills, but never with the pads on. What I witnessed was a player who is deserving of all the hype that has been generated. This kid is one of the best athletes I've ever seen for someone his size. He's every bit the 6-7, 280 lbs. they list him at.

Jake Long (#77) TOWERS over everyone.

The thing that shocked me the most was how mobile he was. You get a real appreciation for just how well he moves when you see him with the pads on. On a number of occasions they had him pulling across the line. He showed excellent quickness and footspeed in getting to the other side of the line to kick his man out.

Jake (center of photo) on the pull and kickout.

His mobility is even more evident when you realize that they play him at standup (strongside) defensive end as well. He did a good job of chasing a few plays down from that position. They also played him at fullback and defensive tackle. However, what I most wanted to see was Jake playing offensive tackle -- and man, did I get what I came for! This kid has all of the tools to be fantastic. He was a bit hobbled by a knee injury (he was wearing a brace), but it's obvious that he has what it takes.

Jake (right side of photo, #77) in pass protection.

When he goes back into his stance he displays perfect form. He sets his feet with a really wide base and really sits down in his stance. He displays good foot movement, but it looked as if he was slowed a little by his injury. His man got around him a few times as a result. (Coach Moeller will be able to iron out the details of foot placement. It's not a real concern).
Jake also displayed really good strength. He demonstrated an excellent punch, and does an extremely effective job of keeping the defender off of his body.

Jake (left side of photo) in pass protection.

Bottom line: #77 is definitely one of the top two players in the state, and is deserving of all of his high rankings (he is The Insiders' #72 prospect). He has the potential to be one of the next great Michigan lineman.

Note: our picture quality will improve as we get the hang of this, promise!

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