Former Asst. Rec. Coord. Mark Ouimet Previews Iowa

Former Michigan Assistant Recruiting Coordinator was 'right on' with his Purdue preview. Here is what Ouimet told yours truly Michigan has to do to beat a top Iowa team.

Mark, What does Michigan have to do to win?

1. Offensively

"Michigan needs to score 30+ points. Iowa State scored 36 to beat Iowa 36-31. Iowa scores 38 a game. But Iowa gave up 400+ yards to Indiana, so we can have success offensively."

"Michigan has to possess the ball, not make turnovers."

"The offensive line has to pick up Iowa's blitzes. Iowa will come at Michigan. They will take the initiative, go after the quarterback, try to make big plays. They have 14 sacks, and three fumble recoveries. They will come after Navarre, force him to make quick decisions. If Michigan can block Iowa up front, they will have success. So BJ Askew and Bennie Joppru have to block well."

"If Michigan can block them, then the bottom line will be: the arm of John Navarre. Navarre should be able to get it to Joppru and the wide receivers."

"Braylon Edwards and Ronald Bellamy are key -- our wideouts are bigger than their corners."

"Joppru will be major factor blocking and catching. When Joppru is not blocking he has to be a big play guy. Michigan has to keep him in the flow of the game, he needs more than two catches. This will be the Battle Of Tight Ends: Joppru and Iowa's Dallas Clark - may be the top two tight ends in the country."

"Iowa has a very good run defense. Rushing they give up 67 yards a game rushing (tops in the Big Ten), passing 320. So offensively, Navarre has to win the game."

"If we can get 300 yards passing, that'd be a great sign. And when I say we have to possess the ball -- that means 100+ yards rushing is important. Over 300 yds passing, 100+ running, we will win this game."

"So Navarre has to make great decisions, pass well, and Michigan has to possess and control it."

"And one other thing: Iowa has trouble tackling; if they tackle better, that will poses problems."

2. Defensively

"Michigan is third in the Big Ten against the run, giving up 103 yards per game. Iowa is #1 as I said. So these are two good run-defense teams. Michigan needs to stop the run, to keep (former Michigan signee) Fred Russell under 100 yards rushing (he averages 128). Iowa has ability to run it, so we, and particularly the safeties, have to tackle. Iowa will try to establish run, to loosten up (tight end) Dallas Clark. If they can run it, opening their passing game, Michigan is in trouble."

"Michigan is 9th in the conference in pass defense. Marlin Jackson has to have his biggest game of the year. Victor Hobson has to have a great game on Clark."

"Iowa's quarterback Banks is the most important part of Iowa's offense. He causes a lot of problems because of his ability to run. When he plays error free (reading checks and handling blitzes), they score. When he has bad game, so does their offense."

"Michigan has to stop the run and contain Banks."

Special Teams

"Iowa is tops in Big 10. They will try to make a difference here. They will make our special team weaknesses stand out. Iowa will try to win with special teams."

"They have the better place kicker -- Nate Kaeding is 15 for 15 in field goals, 35/36 in PAT's. We don't want to kick to them: they are in the top three in the conference in both kickoff returns (averaging 26 years per return) and punt returns (13 yards)."

"They do a great job covering kicks as well. And they've blocked three kicks."

"Marcus Curry has to do good job catching punts, and Jeremy LeSueur has to get us into field position on kickoffs."

"There will be a fake."


"Iowa hasn't won at Michigan since '90, their last title year."

"This is Iowa's game of the year -- they don't play OSU."

"Iowa has had four straight weeks of Big 10 player of week. Playing well as a team. Remember, Iowa went into PSU and beat them ..."

"Michigan is 8th in the Big Ten in the red zone defensively, 10th offensively."

Bottom line:

"This will be an offensive game. Iowa is going to score. The game will be close and high scoring."

"Both teams score a lot of their points in first quarter ... Iowa 120-some, giving up 21. So whoever gets off to the best start ..."

"Defensively, if Michigan can stop Russell, and contain Banks they should be okay."

"Offensively, Michigan needs to control and possess the ball, and have success through the air."

Bottom line -- "If Navarre has zero interceptions and turnover-free running, Michigan wins. Zero turnovers, we'll win."

Prediction: "Michigan is probably going to win this game. But -- we cannot give them anything, no turnovers, no special teams touchdowns."

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