Cissoko's Army Diary (Entry One)

Boubacar Cissoko collected recaps his thoughts and experiences from the first few days of practice for the Army All-American Bowl down in San Antonio. In his first diary entry the five star prospect discusses his performance thus far, his relationship with Sam McGuffie, his recruitment of Terrelle Pryor and Brandon Smith, and the Notre Dame vibe that the Irish contingent is trying to spread.

"I’m doing my thing down here. The first few days have been good. Coming in the first day it was really learning about the coverage and stuff. By the second day and third day, I knew what I was doing. I was faster on my feet and getting to the plays. I played better and better and my confidence got higher. I’ve been playing special teams… kick return, punt return, kickoff team, punt team. I’m just out there making plays and my confidence keeps getting higher. I’m not nervous at all. I might be making other people a little bit nervous though. A couple of receivers have looked a little bit nervous. They don’t want to go against me sometime when we’re playing man to man. When I get on the line, they kind of back off the line some… little things like that."

"But the receivers here are all talented. (DeVier) Posey is nice. Posey is doing his thing. Star Jackson is playing good. (John) Goodman is kind of nice too. They have their hands full with the DB’s though. My man Patrick Johnson is out there balling on the other side of me. I see why he is a five star."

"As far as Michigan goes, me and Sam McGuffie are vibing. He is all the way straight with Michigan. He is definitely coming. He’s a cool cat and he can ball. In the RB/LB challenge, he jumped over a dude AGAIN! He told him to stand right there and he was going to jump over him, and he did! That boy is the truth, man. The truth."

"Right now me and Sam are working on Terrelle Pryor. Plus I’m working on Brandon Smith, the safety from New Jersey."

"Right now Terrelle is still saying he doesn’t know, but to me personally, he fits at Michigan the best. With the style of offense that we’re going to play now, it fits him. He was talking about West Virginia. Well Coach Rodriguez is at Michigan now, so lets go. He is still saying he don’t know, though."

"Brandon is a good safety. He is physical and he has got a little speed on him too. Plus he knows how to go get the ball. We got cool quick. We started talking in the DB drills. He’d just start talking about Michigan, and I was like, ‘awe wow, come on down then. Me, you, and Donovan Warren in the secondary… we could do big things. All we’ve got to do is give Sam McGuffie the ball on offense and let him do him do his thing.’ I think all that talking makes a difference. I think he is feeling it. That’s what he is telling people. He is saying, ‘I don’t know man, it might be Michigan.’ I hope so."

"I haven’t been able to talk to Nick Perry that much because I’m not seeing him that much, but I hear he is doing good at linebacker."

"We're going to keep talking to guys, but aren’t going to hit them too hard. These Notre Dame guys are out here going crazy, man. It’s like 16 of them down here, man (laughing). They’re down here trying to steer people to Notre Dame. They’re trying to get people to leave the schools they’re committed to too. Especially Jonas (Gray). Jonas is out here working man (laughing). He is out here trying to get EVERYBODY! Man, it is not working. We don’t like Notre Dame. It’s sad because he be working his butt off (laughing). I just tell him, ‘that’s 3-9 man. That’s pretty bad man. That’s embarrassing.' "

Stay tuned for another diary entry from Cissoko tomorrow.

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