Ind. QB Clayton Richard Watches Michigan

All-American quarterback Clayton Richard is pretty much too busy to be focused on recruiting ... with one notable exception.

Yours truly chatted Wednesday night with the father of All-American quarterback Clayton Richard (6-5, 225 lbs., 4.7 in the 40, 4.0 GPA/1340 SAT) from Lafayette, Ind., McCutcheon. We asked him about a possible Michigan visit, and their impressions of the Michigan-Purdue game.

Does Clayton have a game visit to Michigan set?

Yes. It is the Nov. 16 Wisconsin game. It will be an official visit. Coach Moeller is working on the transportation and so on. As we'd discussed the last time we talked, Clayton wants to see what goes on in a game weekend. He wants to actually see the coaches in action. Clayton is going up there by himself. My wife and I have been there a couple times already; we want him to have contact with coaches and players, and not to have to concern himself with us.

Clayton has no other visits planned or scheduled. He really doesn't know yet what other visits he might take. Clayton is just is so busy that he has not had much time for recruiting. He stays very much focused. He just got his first report card back -- all A's and A-plusses. And after football, he goes and lifts weights. It will be hard for Clayton to schedule official visits because of his schedule - he goes right into basketball after football. Clayton is very down to earth, he does real well with all that he has going on. Tomorrow night one of the Major League Baseball teams is coming to see him ... the Phillies [note: Richard is a MLB prospect as a pitcher].

I would not say that Michigan is his favorite, just that Michigan is one of the top schools on his list. Clayton is definitely very interested, he likes the Michigan coaches, and their offense.

You and Clayton attended the Michigan-Purdue game. What were your impressions?

We could see that Michigan has superior athletes, the talent level is very high. There is that certain feel about the Michigan football program ... a very traditional power that seems to have top quality players at all positions; it's just a matter of getting the rhythm going.

It was evident that John Navarre has moved up a level in his play. I think (Michigan quarterbacks coach) Scott Loeffler has a lot to so with that ... Loeffler is one who's going to work 16 hours a day.

We looked at Michigan's pass attempts, their passing yardage. It indicates to a quarterback that he can be successful there. Also, they just have that aura about them ... They do a good job and have a great coaching staff.

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