TJBlogs: The 9th; Mini-Presser, Getting to 25

*10PM UPDATE* -- the 9th coach. Plus Coach Rod game a mini-press conference at the hoops game tonight - here are quick-hitters. And R-Rod wants 25 recruits - here's how to get there. Three TJBlogs to keep you up ...

To read the TJBlogs, and to contribute to the commentary yourself, go to the GoBlueWolverine Premium Football Message Board, The Big House:

10 PM: TJBlog: The 9th Coach.

Mini-presser at Hoops Game - quick-hitters.

A Rec. Class of 25 - here's how to get there!

Repeating for those who missed it: Tu AM TJBlog: How the Whole Staff(-1) Lays Out ...

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