7th UPDATE* Presser Quick-Hitters, Coach-info

*7th UPDATE* More: Can the 3-3-5 hold up in the B-10? (*surprising answer*) Special Teams. Barwis on his contract. Off. and Def. coaches on schemes. Hitting the Rec. Trail. Many other quick-hitters from the new Assistants. New S&C Mike Barwis lit up the press room! A Midwest high school coach has first-hand knowledge on new defensive coordinator Scott Shafer. Weight room changes.

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Quick-hitters on a fired up Mike Barwis.

First, and 2nd, hand info on Scott Shafer.

More: Weightroom changes.

*2nd UPDATE* *More* Quick-Hitters from Barwis, R-Rod, Magee, Tall, Dews.

*3rd UPDATE* *More* Lamar Woodley on Terrance Taylor; Hopson on Defensive schemes.

*4th UPDATE* *More* Quick-hitter from defensive coaches on schemes.

*5th UPDATE* *More* Off. Coaches Talk; The Recruiting Trail.

*6th UPDATE* *More* R-Rod on Special Teams, Barwis on his Contract.

*7th UPDATE* *More* RRod - can the 3-3-5 defense hold up in the B-10?

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