Rodriguez a Hit with Fitzgerald

Rich Rodriguez made his way to the Garden State yesterday and dropped in on all three commitments. It marked J.B. Fitzgerald's first face to face meeting with his prospective coach, and youngster indicated things couldn't have gone much better.

“He’s awesome,” Fitzgerald said regarding Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez. “He is a pretty funny guy. He was telling us some stories and he had us laughing the whole time. He is a very personable down to earth guy. Everybody was just really excited. I thought it went great. It was a lot of fun. My whole immediate family and grandma were there and we got to sit down with Coach Rod and Coach Frye. They were great. It was a real relaxed environment and it was just getting to know everybody. It was a great trip…absolutely great. He really smoothed things over pretty much.”

One of the questions Fitzgerald has about the new defensive system is how he fits into it. That, however, wasn’t one of the primary topics of discussion last night.

“The conversation didn’t flow to too much that was football specific,” he recalled. “I actually have Coach Frye coming back with Coach Hopson, the new linebackers coach, next week. I envision that that is when things will get more football specific. He did say a little bit. He was saying that I fit in great… just like I did before. He said that before that he even looked at any of the film on the commits, he was already going to re-offer everybody no matter what. Once he did see the film he got all excited. Coach Frye was telling me that they wanted to offer me before (at West Virginia… earlier in the process, but they didn’t think they’d be able to get me because I committed early and I was all of the way up in New Jersey which is not one of their strong states. “

‘This was just time for my parents and I to really get to know Coach Rod face to face because we really hadn’t gotten the chance to do that,” Fitzgerald added.

The outstanding showing by the Maize & Blue definitely strengthened their position, but Fitzgerald still a few steps away from being certain about his future plans.

“I am still in love Michigan,” he said. “I am very happy with the way things are going right now. I consider myself a very solid commitment. I am going to do everything I can before signing day to make sure I’m 100% on that fact. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned.”

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