J.T. Floyd Enjoys Visit w/ DB Coach Gibson

As the new Michigan football coaching staff hits the road to speak with future recruits for this year and next year, they are making quite an impression with the recruits and their parents. South Carolina DB J.T. Floyd had a visit from new-U-M DB coach Tony Gibson Wed. night. J.T. told GBW how it went.

New U-M Defensive Backs Coach Tony Gibson arrived at the J.T. Floyd's home in Greenville, South Carolina at about 6:00 PM Wednesday evening. This was a time for both parties to get to know each other -- and it was accomplished that night, J.T. told GoBlueWolverine. "Coach Gibson is a real cool guy. He is a coach that really knows his stuff. He is the type of coach that I feel like I can go and talk with him about anything. He reminds me a lot of Coach Lewis, my position coach at J.L. Mann high school.

J.T. Floyd is a young man that is used to hard work -- if you have spoken with his father and his position coach at his high school Coach Lewis they will tell you that. They have talked about how he works hard when things are going good, and works hard when things are going bad -- he keeps an even keel about himself.

When talking with Coach Gibson all J.T. wanted to hear is that he would be given a fair opportunity to play early. "Coach Gibson told me that if I come in to work hard and compete the playing time will be there". J.T. was told by Coach Gibson that he would compete right now for the nickel-back position. "I would also be learning the boundary corner spot that is the position Morgan Trent plays at ... which is the short side of the field. That is where offenses usually put the best wide receiver, on that side."

J.T. wanted to be sure that Coach Gibson likes to play his style of football. "He likes the same style I like -- which is physical and aggressive, to get right up in a receivers face. That is right down my alley."

With J.T. visiting Michigan this weekend he is looking forward to talking and hanging out with the players. "I just want to get that comfortable feeling with the players and fit in with the guys. I have talked to Morgan Trent and Donovan Warren before, those are pretty good guys."

Coach Gibson apparently made a big enough impression that J.T.'s mom likes him too. "Yeah my mom likes Coach Gibson. She enjoyed the visit with him. She wanted to be sure that I would be given a fair opportunity to play, and he assured her that he would do that."

J.T. will be visiting Michigan this weekend and Tennessee next weekend, and after that he should have a decision. Georgia Tech will be visiting J.T. later on today (Thursday) as well, but they have gotten a late start in the J.T. Floyd sweepstakes, and it might me too little to late. It will most likely come down to Tennessee and Michigan. As J.T. says, "I will know after the Tennessee visit what school I will be going to ... after I compare the two schools I will make my decision."

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