Martin Gets Visit from Rodriguez, Dews

Michigan's head coach Rich Rodriguez and defensive backs coach Tony Dews paid a visit to defensive line commitment Mike Martin yesterday. After seemingly softening his pledge in order to give the Irish a look, is Martin once again solid?

Rich Rodriguez continued his recruting read trip yesterday, making a stop in southeastern Michigan to check in on commitment Mike Martin. With new receivers coach and Detroit area recruiter Tony Dews was at his side, he took in one of Martin's wrestling matches. The defending State Champion in the heavyweight division didn't disappoint, pinning his opponent in 18 seconds. That, however, is not the fastest he has pinned someone. "Mike's fastest takedown time is seven seconds," Ms. Martin quickly chimed in.

The best part of the day came when Martin and his propsective coach finally got the chance to talk face to face.

"At first with Coach Rodriguez it was all business," Mike Martin told GoBlueWolverine. "He talked about his staff. We talked about the weight room and Mike Barwis".

Yes, that Mike Barwis... the new high energy strength and conditioning coach that everyone seems to be discussing these days (click here to if you missed what all of the fuss is about). Martin seems to be pretty excited about Barwis as well.

"Coach told me a lot about him," Martin said regarding Barwis. "I can't wait to meet him. Coach says Barwis knows everything there is to know about strength and conditioning. Coach Rodriguez is a cool guy to talk to he is real laid back."

Another major point of emphasis was the type of defense that the Wolverines will be running. Martin was told that Michigan will be running a 4-3 defense.

"I did not want to be on a defense where I would just be taking up space so the linebackers could make all the plays," Martin explained. "Coach told me that he wants his defense to get up the field and make plays. I enjoyed that a lot."

Martin chatted with Dews as well, but their conversation wasn't quite as involved because as Martin would say later, "I already know Coach Dews -- he recruited me at West Virginia and we know each other. Coach Dews wikas just sitting back letting me and Coach Rodriguez bond and get to know each other."

Martin came away very impressed that Rodriguez made it apoint to switch away from the football talk later in the conversation.

"We talked about other topics besides football... from food to a little of everything," Martin recalled. "Coach is really a fun guy. He answered all of my questions (laughing). "

Rodriguez left a favorable impression on Martin's mom also as well.

"I was really impressed on how easy he is to talk to," Ms Martin said. "He is a very personable coach."

So the question now is, did the subject of visiting Notre Dame ever come up during the course of the strong Maize & Blue visit?

"Yeah it did," Martin admitted. "Coach said that Dews would be on my door step when I got back from the Notre Dame visit waiting. He does not have a problem with me going and I appreciate that."

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