Rich Rodriguez on the Huge Show Thursday

Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez commented with Bill Simonson of the Huge Radio Show on the venom being spewed at him from various quarters.

Rich Rodriguez on the Huge Show Thursday afternoon.

"I don't owe anyone an apology."

"This is America - you are entitled to change jobs."

"I didn't have a press conference there (in West Virginia) to announce I was leaving, I had it in Ann Arbor -- I wanted to look forward."

"But I told the my staff first ... 5 minutes before I told the team. Then I told the team - face to face."

"I talked to the President of the University the night before, about the situation, how serious it was.

"I thought we did everything we could in the 7 years I was there to build that program."

"But it's been (from West Virginia): 'He left us ... lets tear this guy apart."

"And I told the coaches, even those who I hoped would come -- we'll talk about it afterward ... stay there and coach the game.

Simonson: "A University of West Virginia spokesman said to the Toledo Blade: 'All student records, including those of the football team ... are secure." (Click Here.)

Rodriguez: "I know the smear campaign they're doing ... but why they're doing it..."

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