Demens Vibes with "Coach Rod"

Detroit Country Day LB Kenny Demens & family had the chance to sit down for a little face time with Rich Rodriguez Wednesday. Michigan's new headman was both personable and funny and he left a lasting impression on the talented young prospect. Now Demens is itching to go to work for his new coach, and may do so as soon as this weekend.

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“It went great,” Demens said. “It’s all about me and Michigan. Coach Rodriguez was real laid back. He wasn’t robotic. It was just him. You could tell it was him. It was similar to what I got from Lloyd Carr. We just chilled, relaxed, and enjoyed the time. He is just a real cool person… him and Coach Dews.”

Much of the early portion of the conversation centered on the new defensive scheme that will be employed next year. The physical youngster was pleased to hear about the versatility of the plan.

“He told me that the defense is going run a 4-3 look, but that they were going to switch to a 3-3-5 when it’s third-and-longs, second-and-longs, and stuff like that,” Demens recalled. He was talking about how I can take advantage of the fact that I live in the state because I can get the playbook and after signing day I can come up there and start working out.”

Things deviated from football when Demens’ grandmother began working the room’s laugh muscles with her quips about hiding Nebraska recruiting letters so her grandson would think more about Michigan. As it turned out, she has a few things in common with Rodriguez.

“She stole the show,” Demens said of his grandmother. “(The coaches) loved my grandmother. She is from West Virginia. They were talking about how West Virginia was back in the day, and it was a real good time.”

Before leaving, Rodriguez made sure he gave Demens a few marching orders.

“He talked about trying to help get Terrelle Pryor and Nick Perry on board,” he said. “He was talking about how our class is so close and how all of the guys talk to each other. He said if we work together and get TP and Nick Perry on board that would make us even better. I’m definitely going to help with that. I’m going to try to make it to the game Saturday to help with TP.”

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