Blogs 2-7: T-P! Summary on Each Visitor

There will be blogs and interviews as the day goes on ... can you guess the topic? Here's number two - on the way to the airport ... number three ... number four - any commits? ... number five - how's it gonna go? ... number 6 - attitude toward T-P! ... number 7 - the view on each visitor.

To read the Blogs, and to contribute to the commentary yourself, go to the GoBlueWolverine Premium Football Message Board, The Big House:

Sun. TJBlog #7 - summary view on each visitor.

Sun. nite TJBlog #6 - T-P!

Sun. TJBlog #5 - how's it gonna go?

Sun. TJBlog no. 4 -- any commits?

Sun. TJBlog no. 3.

Sun. TJBlog #2

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