Woods: Going Deeper Into...

More from this weekend's official visitor D.J.Woods' dad ... on Michigan, Rich Rodriguez, and going deeper into what could determine their decision ...

More from Derrick Woods, father of Strongsville, Ohio WR D.J. Woods.

"We definitely felt the "Power of the M" this weekend. It was quite an experience."

"Coach Rodriguez and his staff really did a great job this weekend ... that is a great staff and they are going to win -- and early. You'll be surprised."

"The thing about D.J. is that he's never considered himself to be a Super Star. He's a guy who can compete with anyone, but he doesn't consider himself a Super Star."

"This has been somewhat of an agonizing experience for us ... we first Nebraska, then West Virginia. We've thought it was 'over' several times already."

"It was nice talking with Charlie Batch. You know, D.J.'s first scholarship offer was from EMU - as a sophomore. We were so honored to get that! We never thought schools from the Big 12 and the Big 10 would come calling."

"D.J. has talked to Cameron Saddler and Shayne Hale, and to Jonathan Baldwin ... those guys forged their own trail, to the Big East ..."

"Coach Magee just told us that whatever we decide -- don't look back."

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