Visit Draws Raves from Cissoko

Boubacar Cissoko checks in with GoBlueWolverine to recap his memorable official visit this past weekend. The talented prospect also gives his impressions on where some of the other prospects (like J.T. Floyd and Terrelle Pryor) may be leaning in the aftermath of a very exciting weekend.

Detroit Cass Tech cornerback Boubacar Cissoko re-solified his commitment to Michigan weeks ago, so there was little drama surrounding his official visit to Ann Arbor this weekend. That, though, doesn’t mean that the five star prospect didn’t have a memorable trip.

“We got to the hotel Friday, settled down, and ate a little bit,” Cissoko recalled. “Then we went down and talked to the coaches. They introduced us to our hosts and then we had the rest of the night to ourselves. We came back on Saturday ate breakfast. Later on the parents came and they took us on a tour of the campus. Then we went to the game. Then after the game we went to a block party. After everything, overall, I can say I had fun. There are a lot of good people out there. The coaches… they were all positive. I like that.”

Cissoko had a great time taking in parties and touring the campus, but there’s one aspect that stuck out more than the others.

The best part of the visit was sitting down talking to the coaches. They are all positive people. They said some great things. The coaches were high on me. They said I’m a physical guy. They said I can cover AND come up and make the tackle. That’s what they’re looking for. They said that they are going to give me a fair shot and that nobody is guaranteed a spot right now so if I come in doing my thing he is going to put me on the field.”

One coach Cissoko didn’t get the chance to send a lot of time with was new strength & conditioning coordinator Mike Barwis. Even so, Barwis still made a very distinct impression.

“He’s an animal, man,” Cissoko said regarding Barwis. “He’s an animal! But he gets you right. He definitely gets you right. I’m going to call him to get some advice to lift.”

When not chatting it up with the coaches, Cissoko was spending time getting to know the other recruits…some of whom will be his teammates next year.

“Mike Martin is down with Michigan,” said Cissoko. “Trust me on that. I don’t think he’ll take the visit. Based on what he was saying about them, he didn’t sound like he would take it to me.”

Michael Shaw...I don’t know much about him. We talked. He had fun too, but I’m not sure if he is coming or not.”

"JT Floyd… me and him we were kicking it the whole night… Friday and Saturday. We hung out the most. I think J.T. is going to come down (to Michigan). We were trying to get in Terrelle Pryor’s ear too.”

“With Terrelle, I’m not sure. He told me it is going to be a decision on February 6th. But Michigan is looking good right now. That’s real talk. He said he had fun.”

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