Former Assist. Rec. Coord. Ouimet's Top 25

Mark Ouimet was Bobby Morrison's assistant recruiting coordinator from 1997-2001. This week he gave us his top 25 college teams, including a prognosis on today's games.

Ouimet's Top 25
October 25, 2002

Number (1) Oklahoma - Manhandled Iowa State and Seneca Wallace, now Stoops has beaten every Big 12 team but one and that's Colorado. Should be able to accomplish that with a bye week.

Number (2) Miami (Fl.) – Can they get rid of those foolish penalities.

Number (3) Virginia Tech – Beat #8 LSU earlier in the year, just waiting for the Miami game.

Number (4) Georgia – Tough game on the road against Kentucky with Stinchcomb, Smith, and Gibson out. This one could be an upset.

Number (5) Texas – If they can beat Kansas State and Iowa State back to back than they deserve this ranking.

Number (6) Ohio State – A smash mouth game this week in the Big Ten vs. PSU, but can they survive this one.

Number (7) N.C. State – A blue collar team that just gets the job done.

Number (8) LSU – Can backup QB Marcus Randall deliver a win on the road at Auburn.

Number (9) Oregon – Can they get refocused for the game versus USC and get back on track.

Number (10) Notre Dame – The most overrated team in the country and will get a reality check at FSU.

Number (11) Michigan – Can they stop the special teams of Iowa; a big test in the Big House.

Number (12) Florida State – A win versus Notre Dame will put them back in the Top Ten.

Number (13) Iowa – Can RB Fred Russell, QB Brad Banks, and TE Dallas Clark keep the potent offense rolling in the state of Michigan?

Number (14) Penn State – The team that has the most rushing yards will win this game. Can Larry Johnson deliver another top performance like that 257 yard game he had against Northwestern.

Number (15) Iowa State – Two top teams in a row; it's important that Mr. Wallace delivers one good performance or you can forget the Heisman.

Number (16) Tennessee – Too many injuries may deliver another loss from Alabama.

Number (17) Washington State – Has only played three teams with winning records and only is 2-1 against them. But a win here against Arizona will get them in the top 15.

Number (18) USC – A major loss here against Oregon could drop them out of the top 25. They need to be more consistent team.

Number (19) Air Force – A tough loss for the program against Notre Dame. A must win this week, because the next game is against Colorado State.

Number (20) Bowling Green - Has beaten three good teams in Kansas, Missouri, and Western Michigan.

Number (21) Kansas State – Delivered a tough loss versus Texas, but Iowa State is just around the corner.

Number (22) Colorado – Can RB Chris Brown keep it rolling?

Number (23) Florida – Need to regroup since their next game isn't to November 2nd against Georgia.

Number (24) Arizona State – It was a huge win versus Oregon, now they can prove to everyone by beating Washington that it wasn't a fluke.

Number (25) Alabama – RB Mr. Beard needs a big day to get the Tide past the Vols; it'll be a good SEC fashioned game.

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