Floyd Has Great Time in A2 (Part II)

In part two of our interview with Greenville, SC DB J.T. Floyd, the talented youngster sheds light on his interaction with the players in Ann Arbor. The Wolverines made an extremely favorable impression on the versatile star. Is a member of his family starting to warm up to the idea of Floyd going to Michigan?

Last weekend was the University of Michigan’s chance to put the full court press on J.T. Floyd and the Wolverines did just that. True freshman cornerback Donovan Warren was the point man in the effort. He was Floyd’s host this weekend and the two defensive backs got along really well.

“Donovan is a real down to earth guy just like I am,” Floyd said. “He was very honest with me about how things are going on up at Michigan. He is the best host I have had so far, if I was to go to Michigan he is the type of guy to take me under his wing that is the kind of guy he is.”

Another defensive back Floyd really had a good vibe with and that was Detroit Cass Tech CB, Boubacar Cissoko.

“I had a chance to really spend some time with him and he is a good guy,” said Floyd. “I really got to know him a lot better.”

“All of the players that I was around are all so such cool guys,” he continued. “I spent time with Toney Clemons. He is real cool and outgoing. Avery Horn is one funny guy. He is real cool. Junior Hemingway and Martell Webb… those are some good guys as well. Steven Threet is the man! He and I listen to some of the same rap music. We played Madden had to put in a little work on him (laughing)”.

When Floyd looks back on it all, there are a couple of parts of the visit that stick out to him above the rest.

1. “The way the coaching staffs on offensive and defensive get along so well with one another.”

2. “The way the defensive and offensive players as a whole are cool with each other and hang out together. It was really a family atmosphere with the players.”

With J.T. coming from a tight knit family that “keeps it real” with him (as his dad says), the positive opinions he got from them about the visit are a feather in the Wolverines cap as well. Even his mom, who has had reservations about seeing her baby go far away from home, liked it.

“My mom was very happy about the academics at Michigan,” Floyd reported. “Shari Acho, Michigan’s academic advisor, is one of the best in the business.”

Stay tuned for Part III of our report for more details on what Floyd and members of the Michigan staff talked about.

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