Rodriguez Pays Feagin a Visit

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez made it clear before hitting the recruiting trail that he'd like to bring in two quarterbacks in the 2008 class. After hosting the nation's #1 signal caller last weekend, Rich Rod turned his attention south to Delray Beach, Florida's Justin Feagin.

One of the newer targets to emerge on Michigan’s recruiting radar is American Heritage High’s (Delray Beach, Fl) Justin Feagin. At the same time, the 6-0, 196 pound athlete is just now starting to consider the Maize & Blue. That has everything to do with his prior familiarity with the new Michigan coaching staff

“Coach Rodriguez and Coach Smith made it by,” Feagin told GoBlueWolverine Tuesday evening. “They‘ve always been recruiting me… going back to when they were at West Virginia. Now it’s just a different place. (Michigan) is something new for me, but I really like the offense.”

“They went over a lot of the stuff that they went over on the phone,” Feagin continued. “They talked about what they are recruiting me as and how they think I’ll fit in. They are looking at me to play quarterback. This year (in high school) we ran the same offense… no huddle, up pace, high tempo… get it and go type of thing. “

Feagin, who also plays safety for American Heritage, said his game is similar to that of one of Rodriguez’s former signal callers.

“I’m kind of like Pat White,” he said. “I’m probably heavier, but a little bit shorter than him. I think he is 6-1. I’m 6-0 even.”

In addition to Michigan, Feagin also claims scholarship offers from Miami, Rutgers, Syracuse, LSU, and Oregon. With signing day just a few weeks away, the dual threat quarterback is hoping that a few remaining visits will help him sort through his list of favorites.

“I’ve just been to Syracuse and his summer I took an unofficial to LSU,” reported Feagin. “I’m going to Rutgers this weekend. I am coming up (to Michigan) next Friday.”

The inevitable question about proximity to home is one that the versatile youngster has already given thought to, but he is thinking a lot harder about a few other factors.

“Distance is not a factor for me,” Feagin said matter-of-factly. “I just want to get into a good school and play football. Basically, the main thing I want to see on the visits is how I fit in with the team. I want to see how I get along with everybody. That’s who I’m going to spend most of my time with… my teammates. I’m looking at how I get along with the coaches too, but really it’s the team. If I can’t get along with the team then I can’t be too productive. If I don’t get along with my teammates, tell me how good can I be? How good can the team be?

“I’m also looking at who has got the quickest way onto the field,” Feagin later added. “How many people do I have to beat out at my position? I don’t mind the competition because I’m from Florida (laughing). There’s competition here all of the time. That’s every day I step onto the football field, so I’m use to that. Coach Rodriguez told me there’s a chance for me (to play early), but he is not going to promise me that I’m going to get a starting job or nothing like that. What he is telling me is I can come in and compete.”

So what if Feagin is blown away on one of the visits? Might he end his recruitment on the spot?

“If I like it enough I might commit,” he said laughing. “I’m really just trying to feel it out. Everybody has got nice equipment. Everybody tells you about how much alumni they have. That’s good to know and all of that, but at the same time, tell me the dirty stuff (laughing). Tell me how hard it’s going to be. Don’t tell me all of the stuff that I want to hear. I know that stuff is going to be there.”

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