McGuffie Going Anywhere This Weekend?

In Texas the rumors pop up every weekend regarding Michigan commitment Sam McGuffie -- he's visiting Texas A&M, he's visiting Cal. Some Michigan sources have even said there is a "90% chance" that McGuffee'll not stick with his Michigan commitment. GoBlueWolverine checked with Sam, once again, today ... here is what he told us.

"Where am I supposed to be? I'm here, at home," Sam McGuffie told GoBlueWolverine Saturday afternoon.

This weekend - it's either Texas A&M, or Cal.

"Here's what happens," Sam said. "Coaches come in to my school to see me, and I'm polite to them. Coach Tedford (Cal) has been in. Coach Sherman (Texas A&M) has been in. Coach Gundy (Oklahoma State) has been in. They ask me to visit, and I tell them I'll think about it."

"Then suddenly it's being said that I'm visiting there."

Every time Sam visits Texas A&M where he has friends, the rumors pop up as well: "Coach Sherman hears that I'm on campus, and he grabs some coaches and finds me ... I'm polite to him."

Here's what Sam is really interested in:

"Coach Jackson was here a couple days ago to see me." And what did he say to Sam? "He told me to get ready because he plans to use me next year."

"So I'm doing all I can. I'm going a lot of leg work now. I can finally work on my legs again -- my ankle is finally okay. People said I had a high ankle strain, but actually, as I told you, there was a broken bone in there, and it took a long time to heal. Now it's finally fine. I'm working out and playing a lot of basketball -- I can dunk again (remember, he's 5-10...)."

Sam is keeping track of another Michigan recruit in the Houston area as well:

"Coach Jackson said he's going after Terrence Robinson. I've seen that guy -- he's little, he's little as can be, but he's faaast."

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