UM Makes Strong Impression on Perry (Part I)

In part one of GoBlueWolverine's interview series on Detroit Martin Luther King DE Nick Perry's visit to Michigan last weekend, the youngster's brother shares his perspective on what things stood out on the trip, what the other recruits were saying, and more. Guess who was a big hit once again?

Sam Webb: A lot of the kids have come back from the recruiting visits talking about Mike Barwis. Did you guys get a chance to spend any time with him?

Rod Perry: “Maaan, actually yeah we kicked a little when we got there and he was the last person that we talked with.”

Sam Webb: You said "man" like he surprised you or something.

Rod Perry: “I wouldn’t say he surprised me, but that is a guy that knows his stuff and I can see why West Virginia was producing the type of athlete that they were. In talking with the other Michigan players, they are talking about how they feel sore. They have already been there a whole month and they’re still sore, so this guy is doing something right.”

Sam Webb: Nick said Brandon Graham was his host. What was BG saying about Barwis?

Rod Perry: “Man that is all he was saying… that he was sore. He was digging what they were doing. I think everybody really caught on to the strength coach for sure. I think everyone loves him. I think they want to do what he wants them to do… and all that means is just get to the NFL caliber. There are guys coming in this week to train with him before they go to the combine. That just tells you right there what kind of guy he is.”

Sam Webb: What kind of vibe did you guys get from the other recruits that were there?

Rod Perry: “There was some good vibes. I think they were really feeling the same thing, most definitely. I would have to say everybody was really, really thrilled with Mike. You kind of got the consensus from everybody there. Mike may be the difference maker for deciding who gets who with Michigan.”

“A lot of these cats have been recruited from West Virginia by the same coaches, so it was actually a real good vibe going up there. It seemed like everybody was real comfortable with everybody. It was a real good vibe. I got a good vibe as well.”

Sam Webb: They were feeling him like that?

Rod Perry: “Yeah. It doesn’t matter which system they’re in or what type system that they run, if you’ve got the strength and conditioning coach getting you into the part where you can actually perform better.”

Sam Webb: There weren’t any complaints about the cold weather?

Rod Perry:T.J. Lawrence was walking around without a jacket (laughing). They were talking about, ‘We got to go and get a hat for this guy. He is going to go home with pneumonia.’ It don’t matter what weather it is. I think they are going to go where the university is going to make the best of them or make them better than what they are. That Mike Barwis -- he really, really impressed me. Out of everything that we went through…we know a lot about Michigan, we know the tradition, we know it is a great academic school… but Mike will make the difference for Michigan football. When it is all said and done, when those guys go out there that first game, it really is going to show the new strength and conditioning coach. BG, he was talking about how he was working muscles that he had never worked. He said the last guy, the last strength and conditioning was more so on strength and bulking up and more so power lifting. He was really digging this new quickness and this speed training. That is not to say that they are not doing anything power-wise, it is just that they are doing it altogether.”

“You almost can't lose with coming to Michigan.”

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