UM Makes Strong Impression on Perry (Part II)

In part TWO of GoBlueWolverine's interview series on Detroit Martin Luther King DE Nick Perry's visit to Michigan last weekend, the youngster's brother sheds light on how this trip to Ann Arbor stacks up with the visit to USC, how the Wolverines plan to use the talented prospect, the decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb: What were the coaches saying to Nick? I know one of the things that he was saying before he went up there was they were going to have to talk to him about the vision that they have for him on defense. Did they elaborate on that any?

Rod Perry: “Yeah, they elaborated on that. I think he has got a clear understanding of what they want and how they are going to run the defense. I think there is a lot of uncertainty because you’ve got a new coaching staff. You already got a core group of guys there and you don’t know how they are going to put who where and who is going to be moved or shifted. The only good thing is that everybody starts with a clean slate. So if you are a freshman come in, you may get somebody’s spot.”

“I really got a good notion that the core group of guys that are already there don’t really know what is going to happen with the new coaching staff. Because you will hear some things from the other athletes and then you will hear the coaches talk and it was totally different, totally different. I am like okay. So they don’t know.”

Sam Webb: Did Michigan talk about how they would use Nick?

Rod Perry: “They wanted to keep him at the defensive end position, but I think they are going to allow him that same type of freedom once he gets into the system and gets to know the system. Once he starts seeing that they are keying in on him or even the double team, he is going to have the option to move (around).”

Sam Webb: Did you guys get a chance to spend much time with with the defensive line coach, Coach Tall?

Rod Perry: “Oh yeah. He was saying that is the type of plan that he would like to incorporate… moving him around and giving him that mobility where he sees that they are keying in on him, to like switch him to the other side. He could put him middle linebacker or outside SAM or something too. However, he said he really, really couldn’t say that that was going to happen because him the defensive coordinator haven’t really come to an agreement what kind of defensive scheme. But he said that he did that before, that was what they did at West Virginia and he was hoping that this coach would do the same. They know what they want to do. The defensive coordinator, he most definitely wants to put Nick at the end and go in there and get the quarterback. That is primarily what he wants him to do.”

Sam Webb: Did you guys get a chance to spend much time with Rodriguez?

Rod Perry: “Yep. Most definitely Rodriguez. Most definitely. The one thing too is that he had a plan. It seemed like he had a vision that he wanted Nick when he was at West Virginia, so when he came to Michigan, he already was like, 'hey, now we're in state, we can really get him.' So he was really paying attention to that and they were showing love for sure.”

Sam Webb: You went out to USC with Nick. How did this one stack up to the California trip?

Rod Perry: “How did it stack up, as in the coaching staff? I really haven’t thought about that. Today, I would really have to say that Michigan is up there. It would be a tie to me because you got a good tradition at Michigan. It is local and easy for the family to get to. It seems like they know what they want to do. They’ve got some good people on the staff to make the players better. The same thing with USC. USC definitely has got a long tradition, just like UofM. They’ve got a good coaching staff as well. USC and Michigan are always up at the top. It is going to come down to with Nick…it is really going to come down to which one he is really, really feeling… where he really has got a good understanding of how he is going to be used and where he fits in coming into the year. So that really going to me really make the difference.”

Sam Webb: Now he has got Miami this coming weekend, right?

Rod Perry: “Correct.”

Sam Webb: When do coaches come in home?

Rod Perry: “They will be this week, all this week.”

Sam Webb: When does Michigan come back for another in-home visit?

Rod Perry: “Rich has already been in home. He came in home about a week ago… about two weeks ago he did his home visit. I think they are going to have like Coach Tall and Coach Shafer, the defensive coordinator come in. think they are going to do a home visit, probably Thursday.”

Sam Webb: Nick was telling me that he was going to do something at the school on signing day. Does he have that set up yet?

Rod Perry: “It is actually going to be at the Boys and Girls Club. It’s what they call Youthville now. It will on 3:00 on signing day.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part three in the series, in which we chat with the young man himself.


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