Double-checking MSU Game Visitors: Doug Van Dyke

Yours truly talked Sunday night to All-American defensive/tight end Doug Van Dyke from Marshall, Mich. Marshall is in the playoffs now, and so Doug discusses how that effects his college visits.

Yours truly briefly Sunday night with All-American defensive/tight end Doug Van Dyke (6-5, 245 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 2.4 GPA/21 ACT) from Marshall, Mich. He is The Insiders' #81 prospect.

Are you still visiting Michigan this weekend?

"No, I can't. We have a playoff game this Saturday. We play at 1:30 Saturday. So I'll visit Michigan after the playoffs are over."

Do you have any other scheduled?

"My visit to Ohio State for Michigan game -- that probably (hopefully!) won't work out either."

I saw some Marshall kids at the Iowa game last Saturday.

"Yeah, Evan Sharpley (Marshall's sophomore quarterback, one of the top five sophs in the state) was there."

Tell us a little about the playoffs.

"We've got the #1 seed. Marshall is Division 4 -- Class BB. Jackson Lumen Christy is probably our number one competition."

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