Former Rec. Asst. Coord. Ouimet's Iowa Wrap-up

Mark Ouimet, former Michigan assistant recruiting coordinator to Bobby Morrison, talks about what went wrong against Iowa, and what Michigan must do to beat MSU.

First the bottom line: Michigan got beat up front on both side of ball. When that happens ... this is the result.

Mark, what happened on defense?

We KNEW Iowa would score and possesss the ball. But they possessed it 38 minutes.

Give Iowa credit -- they had a good offensive game plan.

I'd said in in my preview that, "Defensively, if Michigan can stop Russell, and contain Banks, they should be okay."

But they did a poor job tackling.

Michigan did do a good job on Russell. But Iowa's second string tailback Grieving quit -- and their third back Jermalle Lewis came in and had a great game. Michigan wasn't prepared for him, he's a different kind of back. He had 18 carries for 109 yards.

And as far as Iowa's quarterback, Banks, he gets my vote as player of the game. Michigan has to get pressure on a quarterback. When Michigan doesn't get to the quarterback they are going to have hard time. And they had no sacks in the game, and exerted no real pressure on Banks. Banks scrambled, opening things up for Iowa both passing and running. He was 18 for 29 passing for three touchdowns, and 57 yards rushing. He broke down the Michigan defense. He was error free. And their offensive line did good job -- Banks and the O-line handled Michigan's blitzes.

And Michigan didn't cover Dallas Clark well -- he had five catches. Michigan needs to do better job with linebackers covering tight ends.

I wouldn't blame Coach Austin and the defensive backs -- they were in position. They played a lot of 'cover two' but Iowa found a way to move the ball.

On offense?

Iowa's defense did an excellent job. Norm Parker, their defensive coordinator, did a real good job. In my preview I said, "They are going to bring it," and they did. The pressure came from Michigan's left side -- they saw a weakness and went after it. They saw it and just decided to 'bring it'. We need to get Stenavich back.

Navarre was under so much pressure, he had to make quick decisions and reads. Iowa put eight men in the box, and Navarre was hurried all day. Iowa just did a good job, they only had five sacks but their pressure hurt. Navarre said it was the heaviest pressure he'd ever seen. I'd have to think about that one, but they certainly exerted extreme pressure. And they did a good job with their coverage too.

Navarre was 17 for 39 passing. Of course Braylon had those key drops. Braylon just had a bad game. He's just a sophomore and that happens -- young kids are going to have a bad game ... he has all talent in the world. I would've liked to see them go to Bennie Joppru a couple more times. Joppru had four catches, but I think he needed to have 6-7 ... under that pressure the tight end is open.

In my preview I said Michigan had to possess the ball, and not turn it over. They only had one turnover, by Curry, although it was a key one. But they didn't possess it - they only had the ball for 21 minutes. Michigan's total rushing yardage -- 22 yards on 20 attmpts. Take out Navarre's run ... well they can't win when Navarre is their leading rusher. Michigan can't win ball games when they rush like that.

Michigan was not good on 3rd down -- they were 5 of 15. We need to be 40-50% on third down to possess the ball.

Was there a bright spot?

The brightest spot -- Adam Finley.

What has to happen against MSU?

Michigan has got to possess ball on offense, and get after the quarterback on defense.

You can EXPECT they will run the ball successfully this week.

Other teams will see the film of this game and try to copy what Iowa did on defense -- play eight in the box and come at Michigan with everything. OSU will do it ... MSU will try, we'll see if they can do it.

I think you'll see something different defensively this week from Coach Carr. We need a better job from the front seven - they need to come with more pressure.

The bottom line against MSU?

Michigan will win this game; they will beat Michigan State.

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