T-Rob Marries the Big Blue - GBW Interview

After sitting on the news for days, (TX) Klein Oak star Terrence Robinson has given GoBlueWolverine the green light to release the news that he has officially decided to become a Wolverine. Here he tells GBW that it was love at first site for the talented youngster when he made his official visit to Michigan last weekend. Tonight, he let the nation in on big his secret. He is happy to be Blue!

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“My top three were Wake Forest, Boston College, and Michigan,” Robinson said. “First, with Wake Forest… when I went during the season the main thing that stuck out to me was the family environment that they had with the players and the coaches. Especially the tight connection that players had. That’s definitely something you want to surround yourself with.”

“Boston College was pretty much the same ordeal,” Robinson continued. “It was more of a serious note, but they still had the family environment. You’re not just another number on the team. When I went up there it went well. I met a guy from Dallas, plus I know a couple of other guys who committed there.”

“When I went to Michigan I knew three guys that are already on the team,” he later added. “DC (i.e. Daryl Stonum), Troy Woolfolk, and (Brandon Herron). They put a little bug in my ear about the ins and outs and everything Michigan has to offer.”

When it came time to read the tale of the tape, Robinson found that all three schools had a great deal to offer, but soon realized the Maize & Blue was the clear winner.

“Each one of those schools is great from an academic standpoint,” Robinson explained. “When I graduate, if I make to the NFL… after my NFL career I’ll have a good degree to back me up. I just won’t be stuck out there with nothing to do. Really it was a process of elimination. Weigh your pros and cons. I want to say the main thing was the opportunity athletically. The three schools, to me, are pretty much on equal (footing) on the academic side. The football… that’s something that kind of put one program over the others.”

“I eliminated Wake first,” he continued. “They had what I was looking for academically, but athletically they were still trying to get on the map. It’s a great place, but it came down to Michigan and Boston College. Before I went to Michigan, I was kind of sold on Boston College. After I came back from the Michigan visit, there really wasn’t a lot to discuss. It was just the feeling I had when I went. It’s kind of like when you see your wife… you know that’s your wife.”

The Michigan coaching staff got the good news days ago, and they likely breathed a huge sigh of relief after securing their first slot receiver in the 2008 class. That said, they probably weren’t as relieved as Robinson.

“I actually committed when Coach Rodriguez and Coach Jackson came for the in-home visit (last Tuesday),” said Robinson. “They were both excited and overwhelmed. I was just happy to get it over with. This process has been long and tiring. It was great to get it over with.”

Now that his college decision is behind him, Robinson is looking forward to showcasing his skills on the collegiate level. At this point he is extremely confident that he will get the chance to flash his explosive ability very early in his Michigan career.

“I always looked at it like any program I go to, if I go in and work hard enough my talent will speak for itself,” he said. “In college the best player plays, so if I go in and prove that I am one of the best players then my playing time settle itself.”

Note: Be sure to tune into Wednesday afternoon for the signing day extravaganza on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA. GoBlueWolverine’s Sam Webb and Tom Beaver will host the show live at Banfield’s Westside Grill in Ann Arbor. Fans are welcome to join us at the restaurant on the corner of Jackson & Zeeb. Those outside the listening area can listen on wtka.com. For a list of confirmed guests (including commitments and coaches), click here.

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