Sam McGuffie Chats w/GBW, and Explains

The phone rang this morning -- it was Michigan signee Sam McGuffie, ready to talk about what the last week, and Wednesday in particular, was like for him ... and to talk about the future as well.

A lot of out talk was off the record ... but Sam McGuffie has a lot of interesting on-the-record things to say as well.

"Please tell your readers I'm just a kid who was having a hard time making a tough decision. I know some of them may think I'm a bad person or something, but I'm not. This was a big decision for me -- it's the next four years of my life."

"I didn't even go to school on Wednesday ... I just stayed home and laid in bed and ran through the pluses and minuses of both places. Then at some point I started calling Michigan and talking to them."

You did end up visiting Cal last weekend?

"Yes sir, I did."

What was it about Cal that you liked?

"It was their offense ... it was kind've tailor made for a guy like me. And Cal is a good school, but so is Michigan."

"And California is nice. But it would've been too expensive for my family to move there to be close to me. They can move to Michigan a lot easier, and cheaper."

So what was it that made you finally send in your LOI to Michigan Wednesday evening?

"It's that Michigan is already home. My comfort level there is just so high. I have a whole group of friends and teammates there already ... the Sugarland boys (Troy Woolfolk, Brandon Herron, Daryl "DC" Stonum), and now Terrence Robinson too. And Boubacar Cissoko. And I helped recruit some of those guys, my future teammates -- J.B. Fitzgerald, Brandon Smith, Marcus Witherspoon, J.T. Floyd. I told them I'd always be there for them, and I realized that's what I wanted to do."

Did some of them call you on Wednesday?

"Yes they did, but I had my phone turned off: DC called, and JB and Marcus, Boubacar ..."

"So it wasn't a sense of obligation that made me pick Michigan, I don't want it to sound that way. It was just the family I already have at Michigan, that I realized I had around me and that I couldn't see not being a part of."

"And Fred Jackson - he's my second father. I told him he was going to be stuck being my father for the next four years, whether he liked it or not!"

So did Cal tell you he was leaving for Tampa Bay?

"Yeah, they told me about Coach Jackson getting an offer to coach at Tampa Bay ..."

But, Michigan fans - that part is over! Sam turned to talking about the future.

"Coach Rod told me to get ready because he was going to build the offense around me. But really, I don't care about that, I just want to be a good teammate and do whatever I can to help my team."

However, there is one aspect of Sam's game that he is most excited to bring Up North.

"Me and Terrence, as well as DC .... we'll bring some more speed to the Michigan offense. Down here (in Houston) it seems like everyone is fast, and we'll bring some of that to Michigan. So get ready for it!"

"I've been calling and talking to Coach Rodriguez a lot -- in fact I've called him so much that sometimes he just has to 'push the end botton' on me! I'm pretty strong with him, maybe too much so, but I want him to know what I care about -- I tell him that we need to open the offense up all the way and just put up 400 yards a game on everyone ... that we need to score fast and keep scoring! Things like that. I also told him he better get ready for me because I'm going to be pretty much moving in with him in order to learn the offense fast!"

And Sam ended with giving more hints as to his character, and that of his future teammate:

"I'm a pretty low key guy - I'm not wild everywhere all the time like Ryan (Mallett) -- but on the field and in the locker room I can get crazy and do whatever I need to do to get my team fired up."

"Your readers should know this: this recruiting class is underrated. We're a bunch of guys who are already close, and it's solid guys who are going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. You can absolutely depend on that. Boubacar has been telling me for a while now, over and over -- "Whatever it takes, that's what I'm going to do -- no way it's going to be any other way." That's me too -- and that's all the guys I know in this class. We are going to do whatever it takes get the job done for Michigan!"

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