Coach Rod With Sam Webb on WTKA

Rich Rodriguez was on WTKA radio in A2 this (Friday) AM with Sam Webb ... here are quick-hitters on the topics covered. (1) criticism he took for seeking decommitments. (2) Whether his QBs are prepared for the NFL. (3) Rumors on RBs being tried at QB. (4) Will the Spring Game be at Ford Field? (5) Martavious Odoms/slot WRs. (6) R-R to Speak at halftime Sunday.

To read the R-Rod quick-hitters, and to contribute to the commentary yourself, go to the GoBlueWolverine Premium Football Message Board, The Big House:

R-Rod on WTKA: Speaking at halftime Sunday.

R-Rod on WTKA: Adding Tay Odoms after S-Day ... slot WRs

R-R on WTKA: Spring Game at Ford Field?

R-Rod on WTKA: RB's tried at QB?

R-Rod on WTKA: re his spread-QBs not being prepared for the NFL 

R-Rod on WTKA: being criticized by Tiller for seeking decommitments.

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