Will Freeman Follow Teammates to Michigan?

Trotwood Madison OT Chris Freeman put on shoulder pads for the first time last season, but that was enough to show college suitors the kind of athleticism that has them beating down his door. Currently there are two programs he wants to receive offers from over all others. Is Michigan one of them?

For years, Trotwood Madison standout Chris Freeman saw the hardwood as the best platform for him to showcase his skills. At 6-9, 320-lbs. he definitely has the kind of size that college basketball coaches covet. However, recently the talented giant discovered that his shot at the big-time will be even better on the football field.

“I call him my ballerina,” said Trotwood Madison coach Maurice Douglass. “He moves really well for a kid his size. He has really good feet. He’s real nimble. All of the big programs are calling about him… even Ohio State.”

It’s apparently rare for the Buckeyes to venture in Trotwood Madison’s direction, but Freeman’s upside has caused them to do just that. It has done the same for a number of other high profile programs as well.

“A lot of people tell me I’ve got good footwork and that’s what the schools like,” Freeman said. “I’m pretty fast for my size, light on my feet, and I’ve got a nasty streak. I’ve been offered Penn State, Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Miami (Fl). (edt. note Freeman has also been offered by LSU).

Scores of others are showing interest and more offers are surely will surely follow. That said, there are two schools in particular that he is waiting for offers from.

“Of course Michigan and Ohio State,” Freeman admitted. “Those are the two I’m waiting for. I’ve liked Michigan since I was a little kid. Of course Ohio State, that’s a nice rival. Those are the two that I’m waiting for. I really didn’t pick a team between Michigan and Ohio State. I really just like watching both teams because they’re both fast and they have good players going through there.”

Three of the good players going through Michigan’s program just happen to be former teammates of Freeman’s. Michael Shaw, Roy Roundtree, and Brandon Moore will be Wolverine freshmen in Ann Arbor and many have wondered whether their presence in Ann Arbor would do anything to increase the Maize & Blue’s chances to land Freeman

“It did a lot,” he said. “If Michigan comes through with an offer and I do decide to go there, I’ll feel comfortable because I’ve got three of my teammates from high school there that really got me into football in the first place. I’ll be comfortable if I do go to Michigan. I’ve talked one of the West Virginia coaches that are now at Michigan and I’ve talked to Coach Jackson at Michigan too. I should be talking to them again soon.”

When all is said and done, Freeman’s decision will be contingent upon much more than just his friendships. Even with his additional criteria, though, Michigan is still in very strong standing.

“Of course distance is going to be a factor because I want to go somewhere where my parents can see me play at least five games a year,” Freeman explained. “I want to go to a school in a college town where the surroundings are oriented to football. That’s why Michigan really stands out because a lot of people really love Michigan football. There are a lot of supporters there.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Freeman in the weeks and months to come.

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