Catching up With Roy Roundtree

Trotwood Madison WR Roy Roundtree's decision to spurn Purdue in favor of Michigan sparked an angry response from Boilermaker coach Joe Tiller. GoBlueWolverine caught up with Roundtree recently to find out exactly what went down in the days leading up to his final decision, the depth of his relationship with the current staff, his game, and much much more.

Sam Webb: How did your season go last year?

Roy Roundtree: “It was a successful season, even though we didn’t win state or conference. But I think all the guys on the football team play together to do so. It was just a better team out there to beat us. Like I said, my goal is high. I want to make 1st team all state or go to the all star game and I did that.”

Sam Webb: A lot of people are learning about you, a lot of people up here in Michigan are learning about you for the first time. Give me a little scouting report on yourself, your height, your weight, your 40 time, and what we see when we see Roy on the field?

Roy Roundtree: “You can see me as a team player. I kind of keep your teammates up. I am a very confident guy. I work hard at whatever I do. I block, I can run routes right, and I can jet. Anything the coach wants me to do, I will play it. I don’t cry. It is just the positive thing about choosing the right college is a big thing, because the college is giving me a scholarship for 4 years or 5 years.”

Sam Webb: Tell me about your game, are you a deep guy, are you an over the middle guy. If we watch you, is there a player in college or in the pros that we can say, “Okay that is who Roy is like?

Roy Roundtree: “I can run the deep route, but I prefer do something that others don’t do and that is to get across the middle. They see a big linebacker and freeze up, but many wide receivers don’t go across the middle. I am the type of person that will go across the middle, not afraid to catch the ball. When your team needs a first down, I am the type of person that will get a first down. I get the ball, I am a playmaker.”

Sam Webb: One of the things Brandon Moore said about you was, “man let me tell you something, I have never seen that guy drop a ball, never.” I said wait a minute, “Not even in practice?” He said, ‘I have never seen him drop a ball.’

Roy Roundtree: “In my junior year, I was new to the system, running the spread. I was dropping passes. I would be frustrated man. I prayed about that. I am going to work on my hands this year and concentrate on the ball, make the diving catch and as the season went on, I got better and better. I was like, ‘okay, I got this.’ They called me the ‘money man (laughing).’ The money man. I look forward to improving, getting stronger and getting bigger. I know all of that is going to come from being in the hands of the strength and conditioning coach at Michigan, who I really, really like. He’s very excited (laughing). I like that.”

Sam Webb: I am going to get to him in a minute. Let’s save him for a second and go back to last summer and talk about your recruiting process. Purdue was obviously on you. Who were the other schools that were on you at that time and what was it about Purdue that made you select them early in the process?

Roy Roundtree: “The schools were West Virginia, Nebraska, some of the MAC schools. I got invited to the Nike camp at Purdue, so I went to Purdue and my stock came up and they really showed interest in me. West Virginia did too, but they never offered me because of the depth chart at wide receiver. But Coach Dews was just telling me, ‘it ain’t over until Wednesday ,February 6th.’ Ever since, even though I had committed to Purdue, I was still interested because Coach Dews was just trying to get me to West Virginia. He kept trying to get me to West Virginia. Then all of a sudden he went to Michigan, and look where I am at.”

Sam Webb: So Coach Dews was on you all the way back from West Virginia. So there was a carry over there. How much convincing did it take for him to get you to come up to Michigan for an official visit?

Roy Roundtree: “He was like, ‘Roy we really want you.’ I was like I hear ya coach, I hear ya.’ He kept telling me, ‘I am going to get you’ and then he just ke[t saying, ‘it ain’t over, it ain’t over.’ All of a sudden, he told me to come up for a visit and I am like, ‘man you’re kidding me man.’ He was like naw, I am going to get you up here on Saturday morning. So I went up there on a Saturday morning and I looked at the campus, which I really liked the academics, which was very good. Coach Dews was like, ‘I told you Roy, I told you.’ We are going to offer you, we are going to let you know ahead of time, but Tuesday night going to the basketball game that they offered me. I was like, ‘Ahh man, they made an offer.’ I just then stayed up all night just talking to people with what decision I should make and I made it.”

Sam Webb: So what was it, when you look back on it now, the decision is made, deal is done, when you look back on it, what was it about Michigan that made you say okay man I got to do what I got to do?

Roy Roundtree: “Oh man, good coaching staff. Michigan wins games. Not to put Purdue down like they’re not nothing, but I want to finish one or two in the Big Ten. Give me some rings. They’re winning games. Also Coach Rodriguez is a pretty nice coach. I want to be under his wing for these next four years.”

Sam Webb: I know you got 2 teammates that is going up there with you. But before we got to that, was there any guys on campus up here, any players up here that you really vibe with that you really looked at and said yeah I like that cat right there?

Roy Roundtree: “My host was from South Carolina. It was a lineman (Adam Patterson). He was pretty cool and telling us about everything and showing us how everything goes down. At some schools they’re all talk, but his point was he was from South Carolina and he came all the way up to Michigan. ‘I was like man, what was behind your choice for coming here?’ He was like, ‘man, the academics. They help you. They will help you graduate.’ I said, ‘man that is a big factor too.’ He said like 87% of student-athletes graduate. They want you to get your degree and that is a good thing because some colleges probably just want you there to play”

Sam Webb: Okay, so you have Brandon Moore up there and you knew Mike Shaw was considering Michigan too. How much did that play into your thinking?

Roy Roundtree: “It was so nice man. I was just like truly blessed that all of us can go to the same school. All year it was like, ‘Ahh man everybody is about to be split up.’ Penn State, Purdue and then you’ve got Michigan. We all just prayed on it and it just came out. That night before (the announcement) I talked to Brandon. I was like, ‘Brandon, man, you got any other Michigan hats?’ He was like, ‘yeah I have other hats.’ I was like, ‘bring me one. I am about to shock somebody.’ He knew before anybody. I told him the night before and I told him just not to say anything before I talked it over with Shaw. I was like, ‘Shaw, what are you going to do man?’ He said, ‘you know what man, we are all going to play together.’ ”

Sam Webb: One thing we skipped over earlier... you mentioned the strength & conditioning coach Mike Barwis. A lot of the guys come back talking about him. So tell me what you thought when you first met Mike Barwis?

Roy Roundtree: “He was showing us workouts like none I’ve seen and that no other coach can really do. He knows his stuff to get stronger and he was busting them with the ball, the medicine ball. Man it was just crazy. I thought to myself, ‘I can be that strong and do this.’ Then he did a push up off his hands and toes. I was like man I want to do that one day (laughing)...doing things like he was doing to get stronger. I really think it is going to be a stronger team this year for the Wolverines.”

Sam Webb: What are your feelings, about your thoughts on Ohio State?

Roy Roundtree: “I can't really say nothing about O-State. They don’t really recruit our guys. I don’t know what it is, but it is going to be good playing against them and showing them why they should have recruited us.”


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