Q & A with Michael Shaw (Part 2)

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's interview with Trotwood Madison athlete Michael Shaw, the talented youngster discusses tortuous hours leading up to his announcement, how he finally arrived at his decision, the root of his dislike for Ohio State, and much much more.

For those that missed part one of the interview, click here.

Sam Webb: So you made the decision after the visit to go to Michigan. What were the reactions of the staffs when you called them and told them.

Michael Shaw: “Well I actually went back and forth and couldn’t make my final decision until 20 minutes before I actually signed.”

Sam Webb: It was that close?

Michael Shaw: “Yeah. It was kind of weird. I was going back and forth with it for two weeks. I remember this (the week leading up to signing day), me and my mom were up at three in the morning going over it. We made numerous boards. I made pros and cons. I made a chart about things I like best and Penn State and Michigan and they were almost exactly the same. So then what I did was tell my mom I was going to sleep on it. So I slept on it and I had a dream about Michigan. Then I had a dream about Penn State. So me and my dad and my immediate family prayed on it. So the night before, I talked to Coach Magee, Coach Jackson and Coach Rod. I just decided to sleep on it and when I woke up, I brought my Penn State hat to school and I was going to go to Penn State. Then our athletic director was like, ‘We are going to do our signing,’ and I got a little nervous. I was like, 'you know what, I am not ready yet.' So I went back into my coaches office and I was in the coaches office for about two hours. I let my other teammates sign. I went back and forth over it some more, and the more we talked about it, the more we prayed about it... it just came out that Michigan was the place for me. I kind of looked at a sign that I got; there was a picture that we took. It was me, (Roy) Roundtree and Brandon Moore. We had seven captains, but me Roundtree and Brandon Moore were all underneath... all together and the rest of the guys were behind us. My coach pointed to the picture and I kind of teared up. I was like thinking to myself, well maybe this is the place for me. So I talked to my parents and they said you know what you've got to do, so I just decided today that I was going to be a Wolverine.”

Sam Webb: So the coaches didn't find out your final decision until the morning?

Michael Shaw: “I told them after I announced. Coach Jackson, he yelled out a sigh of relief. Then he said that he believed I fit the offense more and he really wanted to coach me. Chris Singletary in the background was yelling, ‘come on Mike you know what you want to do.' It was neat to know that all of those coaches really wanted me and I was a priority for them and that I felt just wanted.”

Sam Webb: So for people who haven’t seen you play, give me a scouting report on yourself? What do we see when we look at Mike Shaw on the football field?

Michael Shaw: “I pride myself on my speed. I love track and hopefully I can run track when I get to Michigan. Just being in the open field and making things happen and versatility. I am more of a complete back and not just a running back. One thing over the summer in all of the 7-on-7s, my hands went from night to day. I couldn’t catch a cold when I first got (to Trotwood), but now I can play more than one spot and I can be on the field for every down. My speed gives me the ability that if I get any kind of space, I can take it.”

Sam Webb: To give us a mental picture, is there a player in college or the pros that we can look at and say okay, that is who Mike Shaw is like?

Michael Shaw: “For college, I would say kind of a Steve Slaton.”

Sam Webb: So I heard you mention Ohio State early. It sounded like you don’t have any love for the Buckeyes.

Michael Shaw: “Not really especially now that I am at Michigan.”

Sam Webb: Where does that come from?

Michael Shaw: “I don’t know. I don’t know if they just don’t like to come down to this part of Ohio, but it just seems like they've overlooked some of the guys that I feel are capable at Ohio State. Michigan has showed me love. I've never even seen a letter from Ohio State. It is rare that you ever see a team in my area, the Dayton-Trotwood that gets a look from Ohio State.”

Sam Webb: Before I let you go why don’t you tell us a little bit about what we can expect to from Brandon Moore and Roy Roundtree?

Michael Shaw: “B. Moore first, he is a huge athletic guy. When I first saw him and he told me that he played tight end, I was like, ‘okay he plays tight end, but we run the spread.’ I actually seen him in the spread, and I seen how quick he is for his size and how fast he gets off the ball, it was just amazing to me to know that somebody his size can do the things he can do. Roundtree, he is real special. I have never seen him drop a ball, ever. I have never seen a guy run his routes to a T like he runs his routes. He is crisp. Everything he does is just professional. He practices at game speed. Everything he does is 100%. Both guys are hard working guys and they never slack off and they always give 100%.”

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