Beilein Pays Cassity a Visit

After a little rearranging of his schedule, Michigan coach John Beilein made his way to Pinckneyville, Illinois recently to check in on SG Kyle Cassity. The Maize & Blue headman was actually one of a number of coaches to stop through the southern Illinois town recently, and a few of them even dropped off offers. Did Michigan follow suit?

Things have warmed up on the recruiting front lately for Pinckneyville, IL SG Kyle Cassity. After months of passing interest from collegiate programs, suddenly they’ve started to get more serious.

“I recently got a scholarship offer from SLU (St. Louis) and Evansville both,” Cassity said. “I think I’m up to six now. When (Coach Majerus) offered, I was a little excited about it. It was the first offer that has been on the table in a while. We went over for a game and we told them that we are going to wait until after the season and we will see what happens after that.”

The Michigan Wolverines haven’t offered just yet, but they are working hard to stay in the forefront of his mind with those that have.

“Coach Beilein made it in Sunday,” Cassity reported. “He was supposed to make it last Wednesday (February 13th), but with the snow around here, you couldn’t land within 100 miles or something like that. We actually practiced just for him. We held practice back on Sunday so that he could make it.” He said he was going to give me a call back sometime this week so we can talk.”

Cassity likes what he has heard from the Maize & Blue thus far and has started to get a better feel for how his game would mesh with Beilein’s system.

“They say that I am a good fit for what they want to do. I actually watched them beat Ohio State the other day. I thought they played pretty well. I can see how I would fit in. What some of the people around here were saying was that Manny Harris reminds them a little bit of me. We have the same body build and are the same size almost. He is definitely good. I wouldn’t say I think of myself there though. He is definitely really good.”

“(The Michigan coaches) talked about getting me up some time for a visit sometime,” he continued. “I want to visit and I am pretty sure we are going to try to do that sometime after the season.”

With his team now in the playoffs (they won their first regional game in a rout), most of Cassity’s athletic focus is with his high school club. Add to that the fact that new suitors are starting to ease into the picture and you have a recipe for a patient approach to the remainder of his recruitment

“I think I am going to let the rest of the season play out,” Cassity said. “So we are just going to let the rest of the season play out and see what happens after that. In last few weeks, Coach (Rick) Majerus from St. Louis has come by. He came to my game. Coach Simmons from Evansville has been in. Coach Beilein has obviously been in. Penn State is the only other big time school that has said anything. They actually came to a game a couple of weeks ago. Plus I have actually gotten a couple of calls from Coach Lowry at Southern Illinois. So I am pretty positive that we are just going to wait it out, make a couple of visits, and see what happens after that.”

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