Will Loston Decide Early? (Part 2)

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Houston Eisenhower S/WR Craig Loston, the talented youngster discusses his timeline for making a decision, where Michigan fits into his recruitment, the importance of attending the same college as his cousin Russell Shepard, and more

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The track rivalry with Darryl Stonum and Troy Woolfolk was actually all in good fun, and the presence of so many Houston area players on Michigan’s roster is a positive attribute for the Maize & Blue. Loston indicated that he has a definite interest in the Wolverines.

“Growing up you see these different college teams,” Loston explained. “You know how some people just picture themselves playing at certain schools? I can just picture myself playing at Michigan. I can picture myself playing other places too. I just like to picture playing on a team that has a chance to win the National Championship. Really, I don’t know too much about Michigan right now. I haven’t really heard from them yet.”

Assistant Fred Jackson has been the point man in Michigan’s Houston area recruiting and has already extended an offer to Loston’s cousin Russell Shepard. According to Shepard, Loston’s offer probably isn’t far behind. That said, if the Wolverines (or any other suitors) hope to maximize their chances, the quicker they move the better.

“I was going to wait until signing day to make a decision, but I don’t want that too much pressure on me,” said Loston. “I will probably commit before the summer starts.”

A major part of Loston’s weeding out process consists of visits to the schools under heaviest consider.

“I’ve already got some of my schedule together,” he said. “I’m going to Georgia and I know I’ll hit Clemson, and Oklahoma. If I hear from Michigan I think I’ll make it up there too.”

I’ll be looking to see if I feel comfortable in the atmosphere,” he continued. “I want to know if the program has good chance to win a National Championship. I’m looking for a family type of atmosphere on a winning team.”

And how about the likelihood of attending the same college as his cousin? Is that something he and Shepard talk about?

“Not really,” Loston said. “We said a couple of times we’d like to go to the same place together, but we haven’t really talked about it a whole lot.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Loston in the coming weeks and months.

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