Bonds Wants to See the Big House

Columbia, SC DE Chris Bonds recently added Michigan to has been one of the hottest prospects in the south over the past few weeks. New suitors have been popping up with scholarship offers everyday, and Michigan was among the most recent. Will distance work against the Maize & Blue?

Year in and year out Michigan’s football program is able to capitalize on a name that seemingly gets it in doors everywhere in the country. Sometimes the appeal is the helmets, the record of success, and other times it’s the rich tradition. For Richland Northeast (Columbia, SC) High’s Chris Bonds, however, it’s yet another of the program’s proud attributes.

“He just grew up watching all kinds of football and Michigan was one of the teams he liked to watch,” said Bonds’ mother Ginger Miller. “I’m not totally sure why, but I’m sure the fact that they have the biggest stadium is part of it. I’m sure that’s something.”

The Wolverines recently saw their stock rise a bit after they stepped more definitively into the fray.

“He got offered (by Michigan) last Wednesday,’ Ms. Miller reported. “He had talked to a (Michigan) coach on the phone at school. A couple of days later (the offer) came in the mail. He wants to go visit in the fall so he can go to one of the games and see the stadium filled up and get the full effect of what it’s like to be in the Big House.”

While it’s clear that Bonds remains open to hearing from new suitors, there are a few programs that have already started to distinguish themselves.

“He likes South Carolina, of course, because he has lived here his whole life,” Ms. Miller said. “Southern Cal, Notre Dame and Michigan are the others. Those are pretty much the top ones. Miami too. We haven’t gotten to go there yet either. We’ve visited a couple of schools and we’re going to Alabama this weekend. We’re going to support him 100% wherever he decides to go. He got an offer from Southern Cal on Friday and that’s one of the places he has really been looking at. My relatives live out there in San Diego and he’s been out there several times, so distance is not a factor.”

“Academics are really #1 with him,” she continued, explaining her son’s criteria. “He is striving for an engineering degree. He knows that’s going to be a tough road… doing that with football, but he has always been in gifted programs and he takes college prep classes. He knows the deal and he gets good grades. So it’s not an issue of, ‘can I do it,’ it’s 'when I do it.’ He is a very driven person. Every goal he has ever had, he has accomplished it.”

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