Anyaorah Rearranges Plans

Suwanee, Ga SG Ebuka Anyaorah is one of the prime targets left on Michigan's recruiting board. The talented wing had been planning on a tripping to Ann Arbor in the coming days, but had to alter his schedule at the last minute. Will he still trip to Michigan?

North Gwinnettt (Suwanee, GA) High Coach Len Garner knew that the athletic sophomore he was coaching two years ago was going to be special. In a playoff game that year, Ebuka Anyaorah poured in 30 points. That performance alone would open any coach’s eyes, but there was something else the coach noticed.

“There was a gradual progression with his game,” Garner said. “Ebuka has a passion and a fire in his belly to be a better player. His attitude is just fantastic, he has a willingness to be coached and Ebuka’s best attribute is his desire to be the best he can be.”

Anyaorah has continued to perform well enough to be noticed by more high major schools. However, at the beginning of the season attention when those schools didn't have him on their radar, he had offers from Tennessee Tech and Fairfield. So why didn’t he commit to one of those schools?

“Some people thought that I should have committed early because sometime at the end of the season you are left with no offers at all,” Anyaorah said. “I just believed in myself that I would receive more offers through the hard work I had put in and patience.”

With offers from Michigan, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Colorado, Colorado State, Oklahoma, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech Anyaorah’s hard work has obviously paid off. The Wolverines were among those that showed early interest the peach state star. Associate Head Coach Jerry Dunn has done most of the ground work in the recruitment, with assistance Coach Beilein from time to time. Many fans have openly wondered are they making any progress with him.

“Coach Beilein tells me how I would fit in to what they are doing and how he needs good players to turn things around,” said Anyaorah. “I thank Coach Dunn because he came all the way down here to see me play. Me and Coach Dunn talk frequently, he calls to see how I am doing we talk about more personal things then just basketball.”

With the Michigan coaching staff showing such obvious interest the young man, one has to wonder what his impression of the Maize & Blue is.

“Michigan was very excited at what they have seen of me,” he said. They want kids to come and help turn the program around. That makes me very interested in helping to turn a program around like that. Michigan is a very good academic school and they are a good fit for what I can do. Michigan screens a lot out on the floor. I can come off of screens and shoot, I can catch and pop, or I can come off the screen and drive. I can drive to the basket to score or pass. I can play all three perimeter positions.”

Anyaorah does seem to fit exactly what the Wolverines are looking for. However, there are a few other points of emphasis that the versatile wing will be looking for when he decides to pick which college to attend.

“Basically I am looking to play right away,” Anyaorah explained. “I don’t have to start, but I would like to get some playing time. I don’t want to sit on the bench, but I would like to contribute. Also I would like to have a good relationship with the players and coaches. Developing players is important. I am looking for a coach that get develops his players and helps them to perform at a higher level.”

At this time Anyaorah is attempting to make arrangements to visit Ann Arbor, but the time has to be right.
“We were trying to make it up there this weekend, but I’m going to be going to Georgia instead,” Anyaorah reported. “I’ve already called Coach Dunn to let him know. Now we’re trying to set up a visit for after the Big Ten tournament.”

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