Wolverines Maul Spartans

Additional Michigan State suspensions may or may not be on the horizon, but on Saturday afternoon MSU suffered an on-field 'death penalty', going down 49-3 to Michigan.

At his mid-week teleconference this past week Michigan State coach Bobby Williams was asked if more MSU player suspensions, other than starting quarterrback Jeff Smoker, are on the horizon; he answered: "It's not happening guys." Hmmm ... there was a second suspension soon after the press conference (Greg Taplin), and two players reportedly left the team 'voluntarily' this past week so as not to be considered 'suspensions'... more are 'rumored' on the horison.

However, future suspensions or no, on Saturday afternoon at the Big House Michigan State suffered a public on-field 'death penalty'. The Spartans struck first in the game with a field goal, but then went belly-up to the Wolverines and surrendered the State Championship to The University of Michigan with nary a wimper. The Wolverines buried the Spartans with three touchdowns in the first half and four more in the second. THIS time there were no home-field timekeepers to ... well there's no need to go there now, is there? Everything was on the up-and-up in this game, and, as of 4 PM Saturday afternoon, all is Right and Blue in the State of Michigan once again.

The stats tell the story on this one.

- Total yards: Michigan 441, Michigan State 237
- Yards rushing: Michigan 188, Michigan State 59
- Time of Possession: 36:05, Michigan State 23:55
and 3 touchdowns.
- Individual stats: BJ Askew 149 yards rushing and two touchdowns; Ronald Bellamy two touchdown catches; John Navarre 16 for 27 for 229 yards.

The teams' stars told the story of the State of Football in the State of Michigan as well.

Michigan's Marlin Jackson: "There was no controversy this year, just a straight-up whipping. That's what we wanted, and that's what they got.''
Michigan State's Charles Rogers: "It's too late for a turnaround. We'll be lucky if we win another game.''

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