Mundy Takes In Michigan

All-American defensive back/‘athlete' Ryan Mundy from Pittsburgh, Penn., Woodland Hills just told your's truly, "We just walked in the door." I said, "Ryan, you know the first thing Michigan fans all want to know ..."

All-American defensive back/‘athlete' Ryan Mundy (Nov. 2 official visit, PSU Nike stats: 6-2, 200 lbs., 16 reps of 185 lbs.; 4.45 in the 40, 10.7 100 meters, 290-lb. bench press, 2.7 GPA/830 SAT in 2001) from Pittsburgh, Penn., Woodland Hills (teammate of Steve Breaston) made his official visit to Michigan this weekend, accompanied by his mother and father. I caught's #5 strong safety just as he was getting home at 8:30 EST (they drove). We talked about the visit.

Ryan, the first thing Michigan fans all want to know is, did you commit?


Is Michigan your leader?

"Yeah, they are."

Okay, fair enough. That's all the tough questions! Just tell me all about the visit. Hey - Steve has quite an Afro now!

"Yeah (chuckle), he has a little retro thing going. I was with Steve (Breaston, his former teammate at Woodland Hills), and Marlin (Jackson) and Paul (Oliver, Ga. DB who also visited, see the next report!) most of the time."

"We got to Ann Arbor at about 11 PM Friday. I just hung out in room for a while with Steve."

"Saturday morning we had breakfast with Coach Austin and Coach Sheridan. Then we went to the game. The game was great of course. Then afterward, we went back to my parents' hotel for some down time. And then we went out to dinner: Steve, Paul and Marlin, and Jayson (Swain, Ala. WR who was also visiting) and his host, and Coach Austin and Coach Sheridan and their wives, and my mom and dad."

"Then this morning (Sunday) we had brunch with two of Michigan's academic advisors. We left around 3 PM."

What did you think about the Michigan team?

"It's great. They have a real bond and a chemistry; they have a family atmosphere, like we have here at Woodland Hills. That's what I want -- that's what I'm looking for in college too."

You guys ended your season undefeated, and with a big win over (nearby rival) Penn Hills.

"Yeah, we killed them off 26-2. We intercepted Morelli (Junior QB Anthony, a top future recruit) three times -- I had one of them. Anthony is good friend of mine."

You are also scheduled to Virginia -- are there any other schools you are for sure going to visit?

"NC State; and I'm trying to work one out with Pitt.

When do you plan to decide?

I plan to decide before Christmas ... definitely before Christmas."

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