Q & A with Chris Freeman

GoBlueWolverine recently caught up with the Trotwood (OH) Madison standout to get the latest on his list of favorites, his spring/summer visit schedule, how much his former teammates are recruiting him on Michigan's behalf, and whether he has a cousin at Ohio State working him for the Buckeyes.

How did your basketball season go?

“I did alright. I could have done better. It was mainly just to keep me in shape for football and everything.”

I know that last year was your first playing football. What was the most difficult transition for you and what are the things you think you need to improve on?

“When I first started, I didn’t want to make too much contact because I’d been a basketball player all of my life. I’d kind of block somebody and then throw my hands up like I was making a foul (laughing). Coach Doug had to keep reminding me to just go for it and try to knock their heads off. What I probably need to work on the most at this point is my technique. It was my first year, and I want to get that down. Also, just getting stronger by hitting to the weight room hard.”

How did you get word about your Michigan offer?

“They gave me a letter in the mail.”

What are the other schools that you have offers from at this point?

“I’ve got Florida, LSU, Miami, Fl, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Kentucky, Penn State, and also Michigan.”

Have you had any conversations with Michigan coaches in recent weeks?

“Yeah, I’ve talked to Coach Jackson. He just wanted to make sure I hit the weight room, make sure I get my grades cool, and keep working hard in the classroom and everything.”

Are there any schools that are sticking out for you at this point?

“As of right now I don’t really have any favorites. It’s still kind of early in the recruiting process.”

Do you plan on visiting any spring practices?

“I’m supposed to go up there (to Michigan) Saturday (i.e. today) for one of the spring practices. I went to Ohio State (last Sunday) and I’m supposed to go back up there for their spring game. This summer I’m going to go on a lot of unofficial visits. I’ll probably camp a few places too, but I’m not sure which ones I’ll go to right now.”

How big is it going to be for you to have three teammates at Michigan? Is that something that has an impact on you or is it something that you’re keeping separate?

“Kind of both. Even before I knew they were going to Michigan, Michigan was one the schools that I really was going to look at. I love Ohio State vs. Michigan. That’s one of the greatest rivalries in college football history. Brandon (Moore) already kind of talking to me and I was telling him that I wasn’t going to rush. Then when Roy & Mike switched their decisions and decided they were going to go to Michigan, every time I see them in the hallway they’re saying ‘are you going to commit? Come on, man. You might as well do it! (Laughing).’ They do hammer me a little bit, but it’s all fun and games. We’re just enjoying it. When I do make my decision, it’s going to be the right decision.”

Is it true that you have a cousin at Ohio State, Marcus Freeman? Is he working on you for the Buckeyes?

“We say we’re cousins, but I don’t know if it’s for sure. I’ve known him since I was in middle school and we’ve been real cool and everything. I don’t know if we’re really cousins, but we say we are, so you might as well say we are. I haven’t really talked to Marcus in a minute…not since I started playing football. The last time I saw him was last year.”

Do you have a timeline for making your decision?

“I really don’t have a designated time for when I want to make my decision. I want to go on my visits and everything so whenever I do commit, it’s to a place where I’m comfortable. I want to know the coach who is going to be coaching me for the next four or five years and I want to know the offensive linemen. I just want to feel like I’m at home.”

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