Col. RB Lendale White: U-M Visit Date NOT Set

All-American running back Lendale White from Littleton, Colorado, Chatfield wants to visit Michigan -- but the visit date is NOT decided so far.

Yours truly talked Monday night to All-American running back Lendale White (6-2, 230 lbs., 4.53 in the 40, 2.7 GPA/18 ACT) from Littleton, Colorado, Chatfield. He wants to visit Michigan -- but the visit date is confused so far.

Do you have a December 6 visit date set for Michigan?

"No. Not December 6. It's November 23, for the OSU game."

But the OSU game is away, not home. Michigan's last home game is the week before, November 16 versus Wisconsin.

"Well I want to check out a game for my official visit. And that's the date we set. I already have a visit set for November 16 -- to USC. I'll have to ask Michigan about it the next time we talk. But I am going to visit there."

What other schools are you visiting?

"I've already been to Texas and Pitt. I don't know what the last visit will be -- Oregon maybe, or Oklahoma. I'm not sure."

Do you have any order of preference to your schools at this point? Or a favorite?

"No. I'll take my visits and see."

How did you season end up?

"We won out last five to go 7-3. But we didn't make the playoffs, so my season is over. I gained about 1600 yards this year."

What appeals to you about Michigan?

"As a boy I followed Michigan, but I watched Florida State and Miami too. To me, Michigan is one of the the best running back schools. And they always have a good team."

White is's #2 tailback.

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