Michigan a Force for another Forcier?

Four years ago at this time, coming out of his Jr season, run-pass-QB Jason Forcier was trying to get childhood-fav-U-M's attention ... Jason did did get a U-M offer after his senior season and signed with the Wolverines ... but a certain tall-Texan came in and it seemed Jason would sit at U-M, so he transferred (sigh ... ...). Now, another Forcier is coming up -- will he look at Michigan?

GoBlueWolverine has known Tate Forcier (Scout.com's #94 prospect), his older his brothers Chris and Jason, and his dad Mike Forcier, since Tate was an 8th grader running around at the San Diego State Nike Comine where we went to watch former-Wolverine Jason going into his senior year of high school. Two years later we watched Chris at the Stanford Nike Combine, and then both Chris and Tate at the Michigan summer camp. Now it's Tate's turn to be recruited -- and he's the biggest-name Forcier QB-recruit of them all.

GBW talked to Tate on Sunday afternoon, and he started off with a comparison of himself with his brothers:

"I'm kind of a combination of Jason and Chris." (Jason-strong, Chris-fast ... Tate is not as tall as or as fast as Chris {a sub-4.4 guy} or as tall as Jason altho he has the same build-body type as Jason and is about the same height at the same age ... but Tate has a better and more 'live' arm than his older brothers, and is ready-made for a run-pass offense at 6-0+ {a little under 6-1 IMO), 190 with a 4.6 sec. 40.})

"I feel like I'm a complete quarterback. I can throw the ball well, I have a good arm, and I can run a spread offense or drop back."

We asked Tate about his school situation.

"I actually play for Scripps Ranch because that's the local school for me. But I'm being home-schooled ... by a woman who's home-schooling a half dozen of us. For me that frees me up to be able to workout every day." (Tate mentioned the person who is tutoring him as a quarterback ... I didn't catch it but the Forciers have worked with Steve Clarkson in the past, who has also worked with Jimmy Clausen) ...

We asked Tate whether he has a soft spot spot for Michigan .. or is it a sore point?

"I have nothing against Michigan."

"They have brand new coaches and a brand new offense."

"In fact I just talked to coach Rodriguez yesterday. He talked about Jason a little - and said he is looking for a quarterback in this recruiting class. The new staff at Michigan is unbelievable. And the new Michigan offense will be unbelievable."

"Even Jason (who transferred from Michigan to Stanford) wants me to consider Michigan. And how could Michigan not be under consideration -- it's one of the top schools, it's one of the top football programs, it has the Big House ..."

"Jason loved it at Michigan. Jason just wasn't a quarterback-fit at the time for the offense Coach Carr ran."

As Tate says, that Michigan-mis-fit has changed ...

"Coach Rodriguez told me he is looking for quarterbacks to run his spread offerse. And that right now he's offered myself and Kevin Newsome from Virginia ... Newsome and I met and became friends at the Army Combine (GBW was in attendance, and agree that Newsome and Forcier were the two top run-pass guys there, with Tajh Boyd close behind), and we text each other back and forth. So we both know we are Michigan's quarterback offers right now."

Did Tate, like older brother Jason, grow up a Michigan fan?

"Oh yeah. My dad's a big Michigan fan - he grew up in Michigan of course. One of my early memories is of my dad yelling at the TV set during the Ohio State game."

"And I grew up hating Ohio State. Ohio State signing Terrelle Pryor just adds to the intrigue about Michigan. Michigan needs a quarterback, and Pryor is going to OSU, so to go Michigan and play against him would be exciting. Pryor picking Ohio State definitely helped make Michigan more interesting."

"When I talked to Coach Rod he said I better be ready to play if I decide to go to Michigan. And I do have confidence in my ability ... I feel I'll be ready to play wherever I go."

However ... Michigan fans should understand ... this is a Michigan reporter who has known the Forciers for years ... so this reporter was asking Michigan questions. However, Tate is not -- repeat, not -- focused on just one school.

"To be honest, I don't have a favorite ... I don't even a top list of schools. I have 28 offers now, so that's just so many..."

"My dad and I are making a huge road map, and we'll visit a lot of schools this summer ... we'll go conference by conference."

"A big part of it is: how interested is a school in me. Have the offered me because they are really interested in me and what I can offer, or did they just offer me because other schools are, when the fit isn't really there ... you know how that goes sometimes ..."

However, Michigan fans can be sure of one thing:

"Michigan will definitely be part of the trip this summer. Whether we'll come to Ann Arbor during camp week or not, we're not sure yet."

Forciers three: Tate, dad-Mike, Chris

Tate Forcier

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