Leon Hall Streaks On Field, Toward U-M?

GoBlueWolverine's West Coast Correspondent Don Hoekwater watched Lynell Hamilton in Northern California Friday night, then jetted down to San Diego to see Leon Hall blaze around the SoCal gridiron Saturday afternoon. Here is Don's scouting report on the lightning-fast Leon -- including pictures.

Coming off a disappointing loss to league rival Torrey Pines a week earlier, Head Coach Chris Hauser's Vista Panther's, led by team captain and four year letterman, and Michigan prospect Leon Hall, were intent on taking out their frustration on the visiting Compton Dominguez Dons Saturday night. And that they did, rolling to a 35-6 victory on a chilly evening this past Saturday.

I had a chance to chat with Coach Hauser and Defensive Coordinator Dan Williams about Hall before the game. Both coaches told me I was in for a show. They said he'd be everywhere on the field: playing corner on defense, wide receiver on offense, returning punts, and even holding on field goals. One thing they cautioned was that Dominguez was a primarily a running team so Hall wouldn't see much action as a pass-defending cornerback.

Watching Hall in the game, the one thing that stood out is -- Leon's fast, fast, fast. He covers the field like a blanket. While Dominguez was, in fact, primarily a running team, Hall seemed to be in on every play. On one particular play late in the game the Dominguez ball-carrier broke free and seemed sure to score -- but Hall turned on the after-burners and chased the guy down like he was standing still. Later during the same drive Hall had to back up the safety on a broken coverage and raced back to nearly break up the Don's only scoring play -- a successful play only because of a diving catch by the Dominguez receiver.

Other things that stood out about Hall were:

- Shedding blockers - along with that speed he showed the ability to allude and slip off blockers and get to the ball carrier.
- Sticking like glue to receivers - on the few passing plays Dominguez attempted, no receiver got open on Hall.

Hall (#9) blankets receiver

I had a chance to chat with Leon after the game. As the coaches told me I would, I found Hall to be a humble and very down to earth young man and very easy to chat-up. In between signing autographs and hugging friends and family members he told me his top three schools were, in order of preference, "Michigan, Washington, and USC." The things he liked about Michigan: "The football tradition and the academics." He stressed the academics part. He also mentioned that while he is scheduled for a visit to U-M in Jan, "I am trying to get that moved up to December but haven't connected with the coaches." I asked him if he's ever seen snow and he told me, "No, but it's not something that is going to effect my decision one way or the other." And, like Lynell Hamilton the night before, Leon's gave me a big grin when I asked him about the possibility of playing in front of 111,000 people.

I talked to a couple people before the game and they spoke highly of Hall and mentioned it was too bad Vista had already played their passing teams. They told me teams avoid him like the plague now, which is the highest compliment paid to cornerback. Coach Hauser's brother told me about a playoff game last year when Leon streaked in and broke up the potential game-winning pass against Rancho Bernardo.

If Signing Day were today, it looks like Leon Hall'd be streaking up to Michigan to break up passes for the next four years.

Hall (#9) splits out


Hall blasts off on punt return

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