Q & A with Steve Threet

Redshirt freshman signal caller Steve Threet met with the media after practice Saturday to reflect on the progress he has made thus far this spring, the battle for the starting quarterback slot, Mike Barwis' impact on the program, and more.

Question: How did it go out there today?

Steven Threet: “It went well. We’ve still got a long way to go and we understand that, but at the same time we are just looking to make progress and get better every practice.”

Question: What is your comfort level so far in the offense?

Steven Threet: “Kind of comfortable. I am familiar with some of the schemes from high school, so that actually helped me a lot. It is different terminology. It is a faster game. We are on the ball quicker. We are snapping the ball quicker. It is just getting reps and getting used to the tempo.”

Question: Coach Rodriguez talked about going live… what was it like to get hit?

Steven Threet: “I have no problem with it. That is football. Just because you are quarterback doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get hit, especially in this offense where we are running ball. It helps prepare us. I haven't taken a college snap in a real game, so it is getting me ready for the possibility of playing in the fall.”

Question: You said you were familiar with some of the schemes, what is different?

Steven Threet: “Just I guess how complex it is. My high school scheme was similar. We ran the spread. We ran the outside/inside zone. We read it. Things like that, but just how complex it is. The passing routes, combinations we are running, just things like that.”

Question: The offense has been somewhat successful in moving the ball. Is that surprising? is that encouraging?

Steven Threet: “It is encouraging. We know that we still have a long ways to go. We did a good job of taking care of the ball today. The quarterbacks didn’t have any turnovers and that is big. Gives us a chance to be successful. We’ve just got to keep on working and trying to get better.”

Question: Where do you think you are at right now in this competition?

Steven Threet: “I am not really concerned myself of that. I am just going out every day in practice and just trying to get better and learn the system the best I can.”

Question: You want to be the starter?

Steven Threet: “Yeah most definitely. That is what you compete for. You want to be the guy taking the snaps out there in front of 110,000, but that comes in time. Right now it is spring practice, learning the offense and things like that.”

Question: Are you ready to be that guy? Like you said take snaps in front of 110,000 people or however many are there?

Steven Threet: “Right now, I would have to probably say no, because we are on practice seven in spring ball, but we got long time to get ready. Like I said, it is just about going out every practice and getting better.”

Question: How big of an adjustment has this been for the offense line?

Steven Threet: “I think it has been an adjustment but it is nothing they can't handle. They are very smart guys. They all work very hard and they are all committed to trying to getting the system down and trying to get better every practice just like everybody else is.”

Question: Have you talked to him since he said those things (about a lack of family values at Michigan)?

Steven Threet: “No. I have not. I have not.”

Question: Can you see where those comments have come from?

Steven Threet: “I don’t know. I am not really in position to comment on that because I know what it is like transferring. I know everybody has their things that they think, their reasons that they think. I was questioned for transferring from Georgia Tech, just like he was questioned from transferring, so I am not really in a place to comment on that.”

Question: Do you still talk to anybody from Georgia Tech?

Steven Threet: “I do. Yeah. I have some close friends from when I was down there.”

Question: Have you been able to stay in contact with them?

Steven Threet: “Yeah. I have been able to.”

Question: Coach Rodriguez was talking about Brandon Minor quite a bit. Can you tell us what you have seen from him this spring?

Steven Threet: “He has been outstanding. He is running the ball hard. He worked hard in the offseason, this past winter conditioning, and I think it is really showing now in the spring practices.”

Question: We have heard a lot about Coach Barwis. What has he meant to you here with conditioning?

Steven Threet: “I think it is obvious. You can see how the offense is running up and down the field and it doesn’t even look winded, except I did because I was sick (laughing). It has been big. He changed the mentality. It is all about every rep every day. 100% is the only thing that matters. You can't ever give less than all your effort.”

Question: Have you noticed a change in your body, in your strength or anything like that?

Steven Threet: “I think so, but I am getting into the workouts. It will take time but yeah.”

Question: Do you feel that there is a number one to this date?

Steven Threet: “No. I feel like it is wide open. We’ve got three guys here right now and we are competing. We are going out every day and practice and just trying to do the best we can with the reps we get.”

Question: Do you spend any time concerned about how other people are performing?

Steven Threet: “No. I feel like that would almost raise a problem for yourself, if you get into a situation where you are worried about the other people. You got to worry about what you can control and go with that.”

Question: What is Coach (quarterbacks coach) Rod Smith like?

Steven Threet: “I like Coach Smith a lot. He is a cool guy. We get along well. He has definitely helped us learn this offense a lot.”

Question: A lot of guys talked a little bit about the difference in approach, how these guys are really, really on you. Is that accurate to say?

Steven Threet: “Yeah they are hard on us, but that is only because they expect a lot from us. I think the guys that are here that is the way they want it. We expect a lot from ourselves and we want the coaching staff to except a lot of us as well. So when they are getting on us, they want us to play our best, so we understand that.”

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