Q & A with Nick Sheridan

Walk-on signal caller Nick Sheridan met with the media after practice Saturday to discuss his strong showing this spring, the battle for the starting quarterback slot, the new conditioning program, and more.

Question: Sounds like things are going pretty well for you this spring.

Nick Sheridan: “Yeah it is going well. When I came to Michigan, you know I really didn’t know what to expect, but I just wanted to help the football team in any capacity that I could. I just went out there and competed my butt off every day and worked hard and you start to get reps and you start doing better and better and people started to notice you and get more reps. So it is a long journey being a Michigan football player and you can just take it one day at a time and try to get better every day and that is just kind of the approach that I have had, so here we are.”

Question: What offers did you have coming out of high school?

Nick Sheridan: “I didn’t have any offers. I broke my collarbone my senior year and my junior year I guess I was a late bloomer a little bit. Uh, my mom is probably going to laugh at that. So my junior there was a kid that started over me. He had started for three years on varsity. He was a good football player. He went to Saginaw Valley on a scholarship and then my senior year, I broke my collarbone in the 7th game of the year and we ran the football a lot too, so I didn’t really have any scholarships. I could have gone and played for a couple of division III schools, but I came to camp my senior year here at Michigan; Coach Carr asked me if I wanted to walk on.”

Question: Your dad (former Michigan assistant Bill Sheridan) was here?

Nick Sheridan: “My dad wasn’t there at that point. My dad had left, but obviously I knew some of the guys from the old staff.”

Question: When you decided to come here, did you have the thought that maybe you would be in the competition to start at quarterback?

Nick Sheridan: “I never really thought that far ahead. I was just worried about getting through my first camp and hoping that I was in good enough shape and I would be able to finish practice. As I got here, I thought maybe I was more competitive than I thought compared to other quarterbacks that were here. It has been what, a year and a half now and I am bigger, stronger, faster, all of that stuff. So just go out there and compete every day.”

Question: What is this offense to you?

Nick Sheridan: “I think it suits; depending on the quarterback, whatever the quarterback’s strengths are that is kind of what the offense does. I consider myself a good athlete, but I am not Pat White. I am not Michael Vick. I am coordinated and I can run. I don’t know. I felt comfortable with the old offense. It is definitely different. Our old offense was more of a power throwing and big tall quarterbacks and that I am not. I am tall enough and just go out there and play.”

Question: Where do you think as a group, you guys have made the most progress in this offense?

Nick Sheridan: “I think maybe the coaches would say they would be impressed with us learning the verbiage and the terminology. To be honest with you, coming from what we used to have, plays could be a couple sentences long and so that preps you for something like this, to where we are going no-huddle, try to have short plays, just get in and out of the huddle. Just get to the line. I guess the verbiage and throwing it up on the board and being able to draw the plays but going out there on the field and executing is a totally different ballgame.”

Question: As a walk on, you are seeking not only the starting quarterback position but a scholarship. Is there any story or particular player that inspires you to keep going?

Nick Sheridan: “No, no, I guess I just have pride in myself and just being a competitive person and being a tough person. I have a few quarterbacks that I idol I guess, or I like, but none of them are walk-ons.”

Question: Did anybody talk to you about Brian Griese’s story here?

Nick Sheridan: “Yeah I know about Brian Griese’s story. I think he was a little bit different. I think he had some scholarship offers out of high school and he came to Michigan and I think he earned a scholarship pretty quickly. I don’t know if that was a prearranged deal or not, but I know about Brian and his story and obviously he won a national championship and is in the NFL now, so that is pretty cool.”

Question: Are you pleased with the progress in these few practices?

Nick Sheridan: “Yeah, add a little bit every day, but yeah so far, so good.”

Question: Surprised at all that you guys are able to move the ball like you have?

Nick Sheridan: “Yeah. I don’t know. This is the first time that I have ever really installed a new system. When I came here as a freshman we already had our system in and I was just learning on the run, so I am not sure what to expect if we are doing well or not. Like I said, so far, so good.”

Question: From your perspective how would you rate the progress of the offensive line?

Nick Sheridan: “Oh they are good. We are a little short on numbers, so that makes it tough trying to go three groups. Coach has mentioned before, David Mooseman, we had a couple of centers that were injured or sick or what not and he had to go with the ones and twos for, I don’t know, a long time. So we are a little short on numbers, but we got competitive guys there and they want to win for Michigan and they battle there butt off during practice.”

Question: You and your family have been around this program a lot, have family values eroded?

Nick Sheridan: “I don’t think so. I have heard that and I will just leave it at that.”

Question: How hard was it to make the transition to a new staff, a new everything? Where you at all consider leaving?

Nick Sheridan: “No, no. When people ask me that, I didn’t come to Michigan because of the style of offense, I came to Michigan because it is Michigan. So that has never crossed my mind. There is definitely a transition and there are some things that are different. Waking up so early in the morning kind of…that is a bummer for anybody, I don’t care.”

Question: How early?

Nick Sheridan: “It depends. We have to get up and come in for 6 a.m. work outs a little bit. They just want us to win. They are not doing anything to punish us. Even though at first it may seem that way, but they obviously are under a tremendous amount of pressure to win and they are just doing what they think is best for us. Guys have bought in pretty well, I think and we will just keep going forward.”

Question: Obviously you don’t want to see people leave, but when Ryan (Mallett), did you say, “Wow here is an opportunity for me”?

Nick Sheridan: “I am sure that crossed my mind, but I wasn’t rooting for Ryan to leave or happy to see anybody go, because this is such a special place and a special university. It was unfortunate the circumstances and what Ryan thought and what Ryan felt was best for him that he felt that he needs to leave, that is unfortunate, but yeah, it has definitely opened up a window for me to complete and try to be a starter here at Michigan, but I was never rooting for Ryan to leave. I want whatever is best for Ryan and I wish him the best of luck.”

Question: Why are you the best candidate to be the starting candidate in the fall?

Nick Sheridan: “You would have to ask Coach Rod that. I just go out and compete every day.”

Question: Quarterbacks have egos. You know what you do well. What do you do well?

Nick Sheridan: “I think I have been around football a while, my dad is a coach. I think I understand football and I understand what helps you win and what makes you lose and like I said, I just enjoy competing, whatever is best for Michigan.”

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