Newsome's Michigan Visit "Exceptional"

Chesapeake, Virginia quarterback Kevin Newsome had his first look at the University of Michigan Saturday, and despite undesirable weather conditions the youngster and his family couldn't have been more impressed. The Maize & Blue made a strong case for itself as Newsome's optimal collegiate option, but he still has one major question about how he might fit into Rich Rodriguez's program.

The play of Michigan’s trio of quarterbacks during Saturday’s spring game may have given Rich Rodriguez headaches at times, but his pain likely subsided when the Wolverine headman took time to imagine the possibility of Chesapeake, Virginia standout Kevin Newsome taking the helm of his offense in a few years. The Western Branch High star made his way to Ann Arbor with his family over the weekend, and they were blown away by the experience.

“Even with the weather as bad as it was, it was a great visit,” Newsome’s father told GoBlueWolverine. “We were really impressed with everything. They had us on a schedule where we got a chance to see a lot of different things. They gave us a full tour of the business school. (Ross School Director of BBA Student Affairs) Rob Koonce took us all through there. He was great. At the same time (as the tour) they were having a MBA recruitment session going on, so that was really good. There were already a lot of people there. There were a couple of instructional situations going on too, and we got to peek in. For it to be Saturday (the business school visit) was exceptional.”

The tour exposed a few of the department’s best attributes and made it easier for Newsome to envision success in the program should he opt to become of Wolverine.

“We noticed some of the diversity of the people moving around in the business department,” Mr. Newsome said. “We really liked that. We also witnessed first hand how all of the money that was donated is really going to make the business department a lot larger. This new wing is really going to help the kids in the program. We’re a family that’s academics first, so we were happy to see how pleased we were with the business department.”

Based on how impressive the academic presentation was, it seemed that the football side would have a tough time matching up. However, when the focus shifted finally did shift to the gridiron side of things, the Newsome’s were equally blown away.

“We spent almost two hours talking to Coach Rodriguez,” Mr. Newsome recalled. “He seemed like a hands on coach that’s really going to get down to business. That’s the best way I can put it. From our initial meeting with him he seemed to be a very hands on guy. He seemed to be really excited about being at the level of football that Michigan is known to be at. He is just ready to get to work.”

“We liked Coach Jackson too,” Mrs. Newsome added. “He wouldn’t be Kevin’s position coach, but we know that he would make sure our son is taking care of. We really liked the whole coaching staff. We couldn’t believe how nice every one was.”

Once again receiving special mention was the new head of Michigan’s strength & conditioning program.

“We really liked that super duper strength coach, Mike (Barwis),” said Mr. Newsome. “I’m sure there are some excellent trainers throughout the college level, but with this guy I’m sure that if Kevin goes there, I’m sure he is probably going to get some of the best training in the country.”

The experience really strengthened Michigan’s standing in Newsome’s recruitment, but the youngster and his family still have one significant question about the Maize & Blue.

“We really had an excellent visit,” Mr. Newsome reiterated. “We’re going to put that right up there with other places that we’ve gone. We’ve only gone a couple of other places that really stood out, and (Michigan) is definitely one of them. We’re going to continue to take visits throughout the spring and the beginning the summer. But, again, Michigan is definitely right up there. The only question as far as Michigan (is concerned) would be about Kevin going into that offensive system. We’re staying open about which type of system Kevin is going go into… whether it is more of a pro style or more of a zone-read type of situation. But in either case, we feel like if we decided to come there, we’d be comfortable.”

“Everything was great,” he continued. “It really was a great visit and we were really surprised by just how much we liked it.”

Stay tuned toGoBlueWolverine for more from Kevin Newsome himself in the coming days.

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