McGuffie: The Ankle, The Shoulder, The Future

One of the key incoming freshmen this fall is Houston speed-RB Sam McGuffie. McGuffie has run a 4.35 40, and we all know about his gymnastic exploits on the football field. However, he had a beat-up senior year (shoulder, ankle) ... and he just this past weekend pulled out of the track sub-regionals. Is there still cause for concern about Sam's health? 'Guff filled in GBW himself last night.

Houston CyFair running back Sam McGuffie filled GoBlueWolverine in last night on his physical condition, and he talked about the future as well.

"My dad said I should set the record straight again, since I withdrew from the track subregionals last weekend because of an injury, and has people wondering again."

"I did decide to run track this spring, and they tell me I've had the fastest time in the nation this spring so far in the 300m hurdles, in the high 36-something seconds .. it was in a preliminary heat."

So - your injury? Is it the ankle again?

"My ankle is 100% now. There's no problem with it any more. There was a chipped bone in there, but it's all healed -- that's why I went ahead and ran track this spring."

So, what happened this past weekend? You pulled out with an injury?

"Yeah. I just tweaked by hammy in warmups. It was a real cold morning, and I probably didn't warm up gradually enough. It was my own fault. I felt something in the hammy so I decided not to take a chance on getting another injury."

"But it had nothing to do with my ankle or my shoulder or anything. They're 100%."

"I'd never been injured before in my whole life, and it caught up with me my senior year -- shoulder separation, chipped ankle. I just kept playing though - that's how it's done down here, we just keep playing. Even during the Army Game week the ankle wasn't 100%, I couldn't really cut on it. But it's fine now - I'm ready to go. I'll rest my hammy a few days that will be running in a week or less."

"And that's it - no more injuries for me! I'm done."

Okay, you're healthy -- so look ahead for us ...

"I'll be done with school in five weeks. Everything has been good here, I've been working out. There's a 450-pound trainer here I've been working with. I'm buff, my legs are real strong. This guy is tough, but I've been looking at the YouTube videos of Coach Barwis -- I want to be ready for him."

"I'm really looking forward to summer workouts with Barwis. As soon as school is out here I'm moving up to Ann Arbor."

"I'm not expecting to come in and be the starter or anything like that. That's not me. I watched the Big Ten Network video of the spring game and saw what Avery Horn can do - he's pretty fast. I'm just going to get up there and work my butt off and try to earn playing time."

"There are a bunch of us freshmen who hope to get on the field this fall, I'm not special in that regard."

"And I see where Michigan got a commitment from Teric Jones. Thats great - I hope they get another speed back as well. I certainly can't do it by myself. From watching the spring game, it looks like we need some more running backs, we just don't have very many."

As far as his role ...

"If Coach Rodriguez wants to snap it to the running back in the shotgun like Arkansas did with McFadden, I'm completely comfortable with that. We ran plays like that this year, where I took snaps as the quarterback from the shotgun. I think I averaged about 40 yards a play doing that, and scored most of the time. So I'd be happy doing that."

Bottom line ... which he repeated over and over.

"I'm just real anxious to get up there and get started. I'm just going to work harder than anyone and see what happens."

"I can't wait!"

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