Wilson's Stock on the Rise

Danville, VA tailback David Wilson may not have the buzz swirling around his name that some of the other Michigan tailback targets do, but that doesn't mean he is less talented. According to his coach, Dan Newell, Wilson has all of the tools to be a big time performer on the next level.

George Washington High (Danville, VA) coach Dan Newell knows a special talent when he sees it. When he watches his talented tailback David Wilson in action, it’s clear to him that he is witnessing something extraordinary.

“He is a unique combination of speed, great power, and elusiveness,” Newell said. “He gets it down with long runs between the tackles and outside. We run an offensive system like Navy where we can use him as the fullback runs up the middle or a tailback on the edge. David is known for hitting the homerun with fifteen runs over fifty yards this past year and he had a 95 yard run in the playoffs. He runs track and is a world class track athlete who does both indoor and outdoor. He won the National Championship in the triple jump just a few weeks ago.”

Numerous programs have taken notice of Wilson’s exceptional talents, and many have stepped forward with offers.

“Obviously Michigan (has offered) with Coach Jackson and Coach Rod recruiting him,” said Newell. “West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia Tech and Clemson are the others right now. There’s a lot of interest from Ohio State, Tennessee Florida State and a few other programs.”

“David has already visited unofficially to Virginia Tech, Virginia, and Maryland,” he continued. “He was supposed to take another trip this past week, but not sure, he took it or not so do not want to mention the program. Later on this spring, he will be taking a trip to West Virginia and North Carolina. This summer he will be going to Michigan.”

One glance at Wilson’s school list reveals a concentration of suitors in ACC-country. According to Newell, however, that is not a sign of any leanings on his star pupil’s behalf.

“David is wide open right now and distance is not a factor, at least right now,” Newell reported. "The family is just gathering information on all the schools interested in him and in the next several weeks we should find out about a lot more schools offering and showing interest. David has two supportive parents that are looking at a combination of everything. Obviously they’re looking at academics and getting his degree. It’s more than just about football. Of course, football is a deciding factor along with (what other backs) they are recruiting and the depth chart. David and his parents know now that he can play at the division one level and they are looking at the best situation not only for football, but also for the rest of his life. Track could also be an influence on his decision as well since he is interested in possibly doing that in college. But right now it’s too early to say one way or the other if he will try both sports.”

In a recent conversation with GoJackets.com, Wilson himself shed a little more light on his decision criteria.

“The school I will go to will be the one that fits these criteria the best,” he said. “First, I want a school with good coaching stability. Also, how I will fit into the offense is important. Is it one that I like a lot? Will the team have tremendous depth at my position or not? Next, the strength of the program is important too. I want to go to a program that is strong and is doing real well. Lastly, the history of the school is important too. Is the tradition of the school very good?”

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