Lynn Looking to Learn More About UM

The Michigan Wolverines recently set their sights on the nation's third rated corner prospect, Jenks, OK standout Gabe Lynn. The Maize & Blue are now one of over thirty programs in contention, but are all of them futilely chasing Oklahoma and Oklahoma State?

Even for youngsters whose scholarship tally climbs into the thirties, there are still times when an offer catches them pleasantly by surprise. That was the case recently for Jenks, Oklahoma defensive back Gabe Lynn.

Michigan offered me last week, I think Wednesday,” recalled Lynn. “I talked to them on the phone originally and then a couple of days ago I got it in the mail. (Michigan recruiting him that hard) is kind of new. They’d been writing letters and stuff, but the offer was kind of unexpected.”

The overture by the Wolverines has piqued the four-star corner’s curiosity about the Maize & Blue.

“I’ve watched them… all of their history and stuff, but I don’t really know a lot about them,” Lynn admitted. “I know they’ve got a lot of tradition and they’re really good… they’ve been good for a long time. Other than that I don’t know a whole lot about them. But I’m looking to find out.”

One resource Lynn may look to for more information on Michigan is a youngster that has been recruited by Rich Rodriguez & company a little while longer. Midwest City, Oklahoma wideout David Oku is the Sooner State’s other big name prospect. Both players have been asked the question about who gets the better of their one-on-one match-ups, but to date, it’s actually a duel that hasn’t taken place.

“We don’t play against each other because we’re in different divisions,” Lynn explained. “I don’t know who would win, but it would be a good match. I’m a good sized corner that plays physical and covers good too. Plus I’m a leader on the field.”

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State courted both Lynn and Oku early in the recruiting process, but only Lynn still has them under consideration. Despite his contention that he has no leaders, some recruiting observers have speculated that the in-state schools have a definitive edge. That, however, is not the case according to young man in question.

“Right now I’m just open to any school,” Lynn reported. “The thing about the instate schools is I obviously know more about them… but that’s all. I’m definitely trying to get to know about some of these other schools that are out of state. I’ve just started looking at some of these schools and learning about them.”

Michigan is among the programs Lynn wants to find out more about, but in order to gain the knowledge he’s looking for, he wants to trip to the campuses of as many of his suitors as possible. The question is, when?

“Me and my dad were just saying we’re going to get out this summer and check out some of these schools,” he said. “I'll do either camps or visits. I’m not sure which ones yet. We’re just going to try to make it to as many places as we can.”

“I want to check out the coaches, see how we get along,” Lynn continued, explaining the most significant factor in his decision. “I’m looking mainly my position coach to make sure we have a good relationship. I’d like to be somewhere that I can possibly play early, but that’s up to me anywhere I go. I just want to make sure it’s a place I can succeed at.”

The schools that secure visit dates in the next few months will likely have a distinct advantage in the race for Lynn’s services. That’s because there may not be an opportunity to get him on campus at another time.

“I’ll probably stat cutting my list down when I get out here and start seeing some of these schools,” he said. “I want to (commit to a school) before my season. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it by that time, but if not…just whenever it happens.”

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