Ouimet's Top 25

Looking ahead to today's games.

Ouimet's Top 25
Week 12, going into Nov. 9 Games

1. Oklahoma – With the best defense in the country the Sooners are one step closer to the Big 12 Title, but a date with Texas A&M comes first.

2. Miami (Fl.) – With 187 yards and two touchdowns RB Willis McGahee is the seventh back in school history to reach 1,000 yards in a season. The Hurricanes can't afford to get off to another slow start on the road versus Tennessee.

3. Texas – Only one loss coming to Oklahoma this season and QB Chris Simms passing for 419 yards against Nebraska. The Longhorns might deserve another shot at Oklahoma if they can reel off three straight wins.

4. Ohio State – Back to back Big Ten road games at Purdue and Illinois will let you if this team is for real in this conference.

5. Iowa – Held Wisconsin RB Anthony Davis to 34 yards, and has the best QB in the Big Ten in Brad Banks; they are two weeks away from a Big Ten Title.

6. Washington State – With the only loss coming to Ohio State and finally beating a solid team in the Sun Devils, their game with the Oregon will let you know how real the Cougars are in the Pac Ten.

7. Virginia Tech – The Hokies gave up 275 yards rushing against the Panthers, and three turnovers brought a loss to a team that was in control of its own destiny. Now they need some breaks to win the Big East Championship.

8. Georgia – Can they endure the long season and win the SEC Championship, or will they fade down the ladder during this SEC race.

9. Alabama – Every game is the SEC Championship to them, so they will not look past anybody.

10. Kansas State – The big date with Iowa State and Mr. Wallace will let them know how good their defense really is this year.

11. USC – With Palmer delivering in the final stretch run of the season for the Trojans we'll find out if Carson really is a candidate for the Heismen.

12. North Carolina State – From seventh to second in the ACC and a tough road game against Maryland. Last week's loss will be a tough game to bounce back from and don't be surprised to see Maryland win this game.

13. Notre Dame – They were way over ranked until this point and should get two straight wins heading into the game with the Trojans in late November.

14. LSU – A must win at Kentucky after a bad loss coming two weeks ago against Auburn. Bradie James needs to lead this team and deliver a win on the road against the Wildcats.

15. Michigan – With Marlin Jackson's 15th pass break of the year and a rout of in state rival MSU the Wolverines redeemed themselves from the Hawkeye loss. Coach Carr usually comes back with a win after a tough loss, which is why he's known as a great motivator and leader of his troops.

16. Oregon – The Ducks won without RB Onterrio Smith and have a big date with Washington State. A win here gives them an outside shot at the Pac Ten Title, but more importantly redeems them from those two losses in the conference. 17. Penn State – A must win against Virginia to stay in my Top 25, because this is a team they should beat. With Larry Johnson delivering 279 yards against to break the school record this one shouldn't be a problem. 18. Florida State – QB Adrian McPherson threw for 278 yards and didn't let the school drop three in a row since 1983. Need to win again with a tough game coming against Georgia Tech with their upset of the Hokies. 19. Florida – Won the cocktail party for the 12th time in 13 tries and will get some heat off Zook until the date with Florida State on November 30.

20. Bowling Green – The two best things that happened to the Falcons are QB Josh Harris and Head Coach Urban Meyer which brings the second longest winning streak behind Miami(Fl.) With this win and another one on the road against Northern Illinois they will move up in my poll.

21. Iowa State – Can Wallace deliver a win against Kansas State to stay in contention in the North Division?

22. Maryland – Losses to Notre Dame and Florida State has kept them out of most Top 25's but not mine.

23. Tennessee – Need to get out to a fast start today, or will be out of the Top 25 with this game against the Hurricanes.

24. Colorado StateMichigan State wishes that QB Van Pelt had never transferred, because he just brings that winning attitude every week.

25. Colorado – My new over ranked team but won't be long until they are out of the Top 25.

Arizona State – A big loss at Washington State; they must beat USC on the road to get back in my top 25. Pittsburgh – A huge win against Virginia Tech, but an early loss to Texas A&M still keeps them out. Without a let down this week they will sneak into the Top 25 after they prove that last week's win wasn't a fluke.
Marshall – Couldn't get it done on the road -- when Leftwich went out it was over.
Minnesota – Still over ranked and but could sneak in this week with a win against a Michigan team.
Kentucky – A huge win versus Mississippi State last week and a win versus LSU will get them into my Top 25.
Arkansas – With the next three games winnable they could sneak back into this poll with all three loses coming to good teams.
Boise State – With only one loss to Arkansas you never know.
Auburn – A win against Georgia in two weeks would get them back into the Top 25.
Georgia Tech – If they beat Florida State they are in the Top 25 with three losses coming to Clemson, Wake Forest, and Maryland. West Virginia - We'll find out how good they are in the next three weeks.

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