Newsome's Coach Breaks it Down

Western Branch High (Chesapeake, VA) Coach Scott Johnson recently sat down for a chat with GoBlueWolverine to discuss his star pupil Kevin Newsome. Coach Johnson shed light on Newsome's game, the significant factors in his choice, the recent in-school visit by Michigan assistants, and more.

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GoblueWolverine: Did the Michigan Fred Jackson and Rod Smith make it to your school on Monday (4/21/08)?

Coach Johnson: “Yes, both coaches came to the school. The visit went very well and I was able to talk with them about Michigan and how Kevin would fit into their offense. They are very interested in him and need that style of quarterback. Coach Smith was telling me that Kevin is the type of quarterback they are looking for. He has all the tools for them as a quarterback in their offense.”

GoblueWolverine: Did Kevin talk to you about his recent visit to Michigan (4/12/08)?

Coach Johnson: “Well he said the visit was great and that he really enjoyed his time at Michigan. He spoke highly of the Michigan coaches also… and what Michigan the school has to offer him. Kevin talked about how the facilities are being redone and how they are going to be great when completed. Their stadium, the weight room, along with a new football indoor practice field - are all under construction now. Kevin said he talked with a few kids that were going to Michigan in his class and the freshmen class this fall. The coaches and players were very hospitable towards him and his family.”

GoblueWolverine: What type of player is Kevin on and off the field?

Coach Johnson: “He is a very good leader who is getting better every year. He battled as a freshman for the starting job at quarterback. He split time there, and took over the starting job his sophomore year. Each year you see his development and his poise. He can beat you with his arm and with his leg, and he can get you out of trouble. Off the field, he is a very good student taking honor classes along with being the junior class president, so that speaks volumes of what the students think about him.”

GoblueWolverine: Kevin took a trip to Northwestern and Illinois last weekend. How did that visit go along with other colleges Kevin has visited?

Coach Johnson: “Kevin visited those two colleges and had a good time. In the past year, he has been to Duke, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Stanford, and Penn State. He has kind of taken a world tour of some of the colleges he is interested in.”

GoblueWolverine: What is going to be the timeline for Kevin?

Coach Johnson: “I’m not really sure on his timeline right now. He has not really said anything to me about how soon he might commit anywhere, but I believe his family will start to narrow down the list fairly soon. I believe his decision will be a combination of everything including the school, distance, coaches, depth chart, playing time and the players the schools have taken at quarterback the last couple of years.”

GoblueWolverine: Who is helping Kevin out with his decision along with some of the factors in his decision?

Coach Johnson: “His parents are a huge factor for his decision and helping him sort through some of the schools he is looking at right now. His mother is a huge academic person so I believe that will be a factor. His whole family is into academics; as I said earlier, he is taking honor classes. Distance is possible a factor because he wants his family to be able to see him play all the time, so I do not see him going west of the Mississippi river. That might make that a little more difficult. He is looking at the places that best fit his ability and best for his future in my opinion. He will evaluate the challenges at each school and make the best decision for himself off and on the field where he can grow as a person along with a football player.”

GoblueWolverine: Can you talk about what he is looking for in an offense?

Coach Johnson: “Kevin wants to go some place where he can throw the ball first. I do not think he wants to be the feature runner as some quarterbacks are portrayed in offenses. By going to some of these spring games, he has seen how these programs ran their offenses. Kevin has looked at video and how they use their quarterbacks. He is a very astute kid and is aware of what the colleges are going to run. That is one reason why he has taken trips to see first hand the roll of the quarterback at these colleges.”

GoblueWolverine: How is your team going to be this coming year?

Coach Johnson: “When you got a player like Kevin he always makes you a lot better coach. We have to rebuild our defense a little bit, but have many players back on offense. This is our second year in the spread type offense and we will expand on that and we should be talented.”

GoblueWolverine: What type of spread does your team use along with how the quarterback is used?

Coach Johnson: “With Kevin as the quarterback we throw the ball, run out of the option, sprint out with him, and drop back with him. Much of what we do depends on how our opponents defend us. We look at the best way to attack their defense.”

GoblueWolverine: How is Kevin doing in other sports?

Coach Johnson: “Besides football, he runs track. He is a very good hurdler (110 meter hurdles) along with some sprint events depending on the meet or the depth of their team. They are headed to the Penn relays this weekend.”

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