Tate Forcier: U-M Visit, His Favs & Timetable

*The full interview* from Monday afternoon and evening with San Diego are quarterback Tate Forcier - who was visited Monday by U-M QB Coach Rod Smith. Where does U-M stand with Forcier, and what is his timetable?

San Diego quarterback Tate Forcier from Scrips Ranch (San Diego) Calif. told GoBlueWolverine on Monday afternoon:

"Coach Smith was at my school talking to my coach for a few hours."

"Coach Smith is a real funny guy ... he's the first coach who has made me laugh during this process I think."

GBW asked Tate to compare himself with other U-M QB recruits:

"I know Kevin Newsome would be a good person to compete against ... you know, we were together at the Army Combine, and he's a really good guy, we got along real well ..."

"Coach Smith thinks I'm more of a pure passer, more of a pure quarterback."

"Newsome is a great athlete. And Coach Smith told me he is going to go see Shadrovick Beaver tomorrow (Tuesday) ... I may not be the best athlete, but I might be the best quarterback right now ... my mechanics are there, my footwork is down."

"I'll have to compete wherever I go."

"Maybe the other guys need more work on their quarterback skills ... you never know what that will turn out to be."

"What I'm gonna need work on, are the mental and physical aspects ... but my mechanics are good."

"Coach Smith has said he would play two quarterbacks if both are good enough to run this offense ... he would rather stick to one, but he would play two if it worked."

GBW asked: what is your timetable and your process for a decision:

"It's hard ... I'm gonna take my time a little bit ... I'm gonna go to the Michigan camp, and see how I like it (note: he was at the 2006 U-M camp as well). I'm sure Newsome will be there."

GBW asked: so if you visit Michigan and it is what you hope ... would that make Michigan #1?

"How can it not be ... the situation is so good there ... they need a real spread QB ... that's the offense I run ... the veer-option, the spread ..."

"It's hard not to have them at the top ..."

"When I take my visit out there ... who knows ... If I go there, love it ... and if all the coaches are like Smith, that'd be great ..."

"I want to narrow it down to one (i.e., commit) before the season starts ... but at least to 3, or 5 ... I really want to be able to focus on the season, not on recruiting."

And if Tate does go ahead and pick Michigan ... he told GBW:

"Coach Smith thinks it would be great if I could enroll at semester and play in the spring."

GBW note: Tate is being home schooled, so enrolling in January would definitely be doable.

"If I come in the spring, he will get me mentally prepared. It's like when I visited Oregon -- the practice at such a high pace because that's the offense. So I'd have to adjust to that mentally."

"There's no other place in the country with a wide open quarterback situation like Michigan."

"I have a wide open shot at it."


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