Calif. WR Steve Smith Sets Visit (& Loves Snow!)

GoBlueWolverine's jet-setting West Coast Correspondent Don Hoekwater zipped back down to SoCal Friday to watch All-American wide receiver Steve Smith from Woodland Hills, California, Taft, The Insiders' #59 prospect. His full scouting report will be forthcoming -- for now here is a little of what Smith said about Michigan.

The owner of the 'old' GoBlueWolverine site, back in the ancient days of the internet, was Don Hoekwater. Don is basking in the NoCal sunshine and earthshakes these days, but has consented to go scout Michigan's top California recruits for us -- Lynell Hamilton, Leon Hall, Steve Smith and of course Sam Keller. Don shimmied down to LA to watch Steve Smith ( 6-1, 185 lbs., 4.45 in the 40) from Woodland Hills, California, Taft play this past weekend, and then asked him a few questions afterward.

Have you set your official visit to Michigan?

"Yes, I've got a Michigan visit set up for December -- I think it's December 13th, but I'm not positive."

Who are your favorites?

"USC, Tennessee, Texas, and Michigan. Michigan is recruiting me as a wide receiver, but I would play defense if the school I pick wants me to."

Have you ever been to the Midwest, or seen snow?

"Oh yeah, I have family in Chicago. I love the snow."

Note: Smith's current visits are: Texas (already visited in Oct.), USC, Tennessee (visited this past Nov. 9 weekend) and perhaps Notre Dame (Nov. 22?), Florida and Oregon.

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