Shavodrick Beaver is Blue! (MORE)

Wichita Falls, Texas Quarterback Shavodrick Beaver broke the news to GoBlueWolverine that he became Michigan's seventh verbal commitment -- their second from a quarterback.

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“Go Wolverines, baby!” Beaver exclaimed to GoBlueWolverine moments ago, breaking the news. “I just went ahead and committed to Michigan.”

What appeared to be indecision yesterday may have been a little deception on the dual-threat youngster’s part. GoBlueWolverine began hearing rumblings last week that he had plans to commit this today. Those rumblings proved to be true.

“I’ve been (settled on) the decision,” Beaver admitted. “I just wanted to wait until (Michigan QB Coach Rod Smith) came down here to do it. I just didn’t say nothing.”

“Coach Smith came down from Michigan today and he was at my school watching me throw the football,” Beaver continued. “Afterward I said, ‘What’s up coach? How are you doing?’ He couldn’t talk to me. So then I came back to my coach and told him, “'I’m ready to be a Wolverine, coach!’”

The Wolverines were successful in their whirlwind courtship of their second quarter due in large part to his familiarity with the offensive system. The chance to thrive as a signal caller in the same offense that he runs in high school at one of the nation’s preeminent programs was just too good to pass up. And that feeling didn’t change once he got word of Kevin Newsome’s commitment.

“I put a message on MySpace asking him what he would think about both of us going to Michigan,” Beaver reported. “Go Wolverines, baby! I’ll be coming up there in June for a visit.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more on this development in the hours to come.

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