Part Two on Tate Forcier: Making Decisions

The Forciers are sitting down and making some summer-decision this week. What is Michigan's involvement with this? Read on ...

Part one on this interview: Sun Nite TJBlog: Forcier? Has S-Beaver-commit made a diff?

Now that San Diego quarterback Tate Forcier isn't cooling on Michigan as one of the teams under strong consideration ... the next topic for GBW and Tate's father Mike was Tate's summer:

Dad-Mike said:

"We are just figuring that out this week. We are going to talk to a lot of college coaches and then decide on a summer visit plan.

"We want to find out which schools are really interested in Tate. Sometimes a school will give out an offer but not really have the kid at the top of their list ... you know what I mean ... sometimes offers are given out just to keep a team 'in the game' until later on, or sometimes just for courtesy with no real interest at all."

Mr. Forcier puts Michigan's interest in Tate in the "sincere category," saying:

"We have been told this past week that Coach Rod's interest in Tate is still very strong -- that Rodriguez likes Tate's arm."

The arm: Tate's strong suit.

"We've been told," Mike said, "by some NFL scouts we know that Tate has an NFL-potential arm."

As far as when the Forciers might land in Ann Arbor this summer ... there are a couple different camps now: the regular camp week is June 15-19, and there is a one-day Junior-Senior Camp on June 8th .. about which (the Jr-Sr Camp) Mr. Forcier said:

" ... looks like a perfect time for us really. We'll be at ASU for the couple days just before that."

For those that have followed the Forcier boys the past several years ... the thing about Tate, according to his dad, is this:

"Tate has one main focus in his life - football. Jason was a bit of a beach kid growing up, as you know ... but Tate is a gym rat type. It's all football for him."

For a final TJBlog comment on the Forcier situation, check back in a minute.

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